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  1. NEW HORSEPOWER / TORQUE SPECS for 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L

    The vehicles don’t use sensor to detect the fuel RON. They detect the knock event that is a result of a lower RON and adjust from there.
  2. 2DR Defectors?

    It’s opposite around here for Jeep’s. All I see on the lots and the road are the 4drs now.
  3. 2DR Defectors?

    That was Vaughn driving a stock one with just the nittos he likes on aftermarket wheels as I recall. That thing was smooth. 2dr and 4dr are going to handle the whoops in similar fashion.
  4. Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) will skip Summer shutdown

    Plants typically use these summer shut downs to bring in new equipment to the line as well. My company builds equipment for automotive seats so we have installs going on around the summer shut downs and other shut downs around holidays through the year.
  5. Factory roof rack review?

    Since when does a Christmas tree weigh 110lbs?
  6. Video: 64 MPH on the highway, and a Bronco helps stuck Bronco @ Moab

    Yep. Multiple wrongs in his approach. One other to mention was driver overconfident.
  7. A Note to the 2-Door Brigade: We Get It Already!!!

    Roof rails are the same length for both 2dr and 4dr. The 4dr version stops short.
  8. 2.7 L- Bronco Vs F-150

    They are both a mess of hoses, ducting and wire looms all over the place. Same motor , same connection points.
  9. TFL and 5 Star Tuning saying should be able to get 500+ HP out of the Bronco 2.7L

    No. Facts. Tuners will tell you as well. Just ask any of them. Ask 5 star since they tune the 2.7 and they will tell you. Its been proven by people who try to run these parts on a stock tune when their engine blows up. It’s simple. The engine needs to maintain a correct fuel/air ratio...
  10. TFL and 5 Star Tuning saying should be able to get 500+ HP out of the Bronco 2.7L

    About every platform out there. I’ve dealt with tuned and modified modern computer controlled sports cars for years. My 2011 mustang. My 2015 Subaru wrx STI. My 2017 Mustang GT350. My 2019 Subaru wrx STI. ALL require tuning when you increase airflow on the front end with the intake system...
  11. TFL and 5 Star Tuning saying should be able to get 500+ HP out of the Bronco 2.7L

    You can’t add any of those components first without a tune
  12. TFL and 5 Star Tuning saying should be able to get 500+ HP out of the Bronco 2.7L

    Tune is a minimum but remember when you add a component you need to tune again for the changed components. An example is changing out the downpipe which runs from the turbos to the mid pipe. It’s where the cats live and a flow change there means re tuning for the increased flow. Its cheaper in...
  13. No more tunes in Cali?? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    They already do for other engines like the 2.3
  14. So, I went Bronco hunting today... found all these...

    Same height when you look straight on shot too. There are two versions of 17” wheels with the bead lock. Both look very similar except for the ring color and some difference in the spokes. One is for Sasquatch with 35” wheels and the other is non Sasquatch with 33”. If you look close at the...
  15. So, I went Bronco hunting today... found all these...

    Looks like it’s not. Same height as the white one next to it that isn’t either.
  16. Wildtrak 4-door Cyber Orange soft top in neighbors driveway

    I like the orange. It’s very close to our 2019 Mustang GT which is called orange fury
  17. Turbo blanket negatives

    I have done multiple oil studies actually on my oil from the STI. The amsoil used still held up its viscosity over 5k miles and that included HPDE track events. All with the turbo blanket installed. I have never experienced oil failure with it.
  18. Turbo blanket negatives

    I’ve ran them on my past two STI as well. On the STI with its large single scroll turbo and top mount intercooler I too have seen a real benefit in quick spool up. Drive a stock shielded one and then a turbo blanket one and there is a definite felt difference. In regards to Coking oils and...