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  1. New setup - Off Grid Trailer...

    Agreed, if you extreme off-road or Baja they wouldn’t work well at all. If you frequently pull trailers or primarily run roads the air bags would work decently. Bolt on and off airbags would be the ultimate fix for all applications in case your on a weekend off-road trip.
  2. New setup - Off Grid Trailer...

    Rear airbags for towing would be nice. I installed them on every personal and company truck or suv we run. Haven’t seen any available for the Bronc yet. Massive difference in stability and control when hauling even smaller loads.
  3. Texas To Colorado

    Love the Oxford White color. Thank you for the feedback on long distance running, it’s what I plan to do with mine as well.
  4. Arkansas Bronco Owners

    Whitson-Morgan Ford has a couple models currently. They also have a Area 51/two door/2.3L I’ve seen on their lot as well, not sure on price.
  5. Real World MIC Test

    I wonder if it’s worth biting the bullet and getting the MIC painted right away to cover the snakeskin and also possibly lengthen it’s durability against the elements into the future. I’ve seen photos of MIC’s being painted after purchase and they look really good.
  6. Wildtrak delivered!

    Great looking truck and congrats! 🍾🎊🎉
  7. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Oh geez….now the alternator.
  8. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Seeing these random reserve dates out of order getting build dates with similar constraints, makes me think Ford handed the “whose next” responsibility to the office secretary, while the rest took a 4 hour lunch break. 😂
  9. WildernessMan

    Arkansas Broncos

    Congrats! 🎊🍾🎉
  10. Dealer has 300 Bronco's on order

    The last article I could find off of ‘The Drive’ website on Ford allocation beyond I believe what most of us have learned about the new 2022 allocations which depends exclusively on each dealership “Update 10/13/21 9:50 am ET: A Ford spokesperson issued a statement to The Drive, explaining that...
  11. ⏱ 2022 Bronco Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/15) For 4 Build Weeks in January!

    Not earlier than 2025, but guaranteed before 2029. Just kidding, I don’t know.
  12. Factory Trailer Brake Controller installation feedback

    I wonder how long it will be before air bags for the back axle will be available to make hauling even better.
  13. Bronco (2.7 engine) shut off on highway, left me on the side of the road

    I found this on YouTube a little while ago and he really explains the 2.7 to help us understand the motor. He also has a video on the 2.3 engine as well. I can’t remember which video he made which explained a deeper history of the 2.7, but he did talk about the fact this 2.7 is different than...
  14. Arkansas Bronco Owners

    Looks great!
  15. Local test drive starts with dealer saying I should’ve paid $1000 for my order?

    All I’ve put down was the initial $100 for the reservation. When I had to convert to 2022 I asked my salesman if I needed to put a deposit down since I heard others here say they had to with theirs. He said no, I only had to make any changes I wanted for MY22. Then send him the details so that...
  16. Dent in hood when purchased. Is this a common spot?

    I’ve seen others on here post damage during shipment from factory to dealership. I feel for you, that’s a pretty noticeable dent, hopefully a body shop can pull it out without a new paint job too.
  17. Wife Intervened in Bronco Order

    My wife wasn’t on board with a new Bronco. So for months I was telling her about it and she could careless. Three weeks ago she was with me and I stopped in to test drive a Badlands manikin. She absolutely fell in love with it and asked the salesman if she could get one in pink paint, lol.
  18. What’s a fair Dealer Markup for a purchase from the lot?

    My dealer told me that they will mark up all their manikins $10k over MSRP, but all orders placed by customers will be at MSRP and no more.
  19. Order Code - what's the significance?

    Priority 10-19 codes is what the dealer gives your order when your order is complete and approved by you. Until this happens your build stays in a Priority Code 99 which Ford Motors will see as ‘not ready to build’. Now if your dealer gives you a Priority Code 10, Ford will see this as the...
  20. Order pushed to 2022, then an email with a production date in 2021, then this...

    It’s all craziness. I guess one thing hopefully about a MY22 is that issues they are having with the MY21’s will be fixed and updated on the MY22’s. Updated assembly line usually means better product.