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  1. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    I currently get 17mpg with my Ford Explorer Sport (with the 3.5L Twin Turbo) so it won't be much different.
  2. Food for thought. Take a minute and consider.

    Yes, we can either roll with the punches or start to bitch and moan. Neither one will make an impact but one is more pleasant for everyone involved. We should be counting our blessings - whatever they may be - if we can still go ahead and purchase a new vehicle during these uncertain times.
  3. If your Bronco arrives and you don't like it

    This was my plan as well. I test drove the Explorer and I loved it. The big screen, pano roof, massaging seats... definitely not a bad backup. How are you liking it so far?
  4. If your Bronco arrives and you don't like it

    If I don't like it, I'll probably buy an Explorer ST. Not in the same league but I test drove one and it was a lot of fun.
  5. Why do I want the Sasquatch package so bad?

    She's a keeper.
  6. Michigan Bronco Club

    @Gr8Hortoni sounds great! We have a Grand Cherokee and one time we went on an unpaved trail by the Au Sable river to go camping and that's about as much 'offroading' as my wife is willing to put up with :D
  7. Michigan Bronco Club

    @Gr8Hortoni I totally get that. I'm the exact opposite. I don't want it till 2022 so I took advantage of the $2k deal while it lasted- otherwise I wouldn't have reserved yet. I will be the first to admit that I will never use it to it's capabilities. I just don't like the look on the standard BD...
  8. Why do I want the Sasquatch package so bad?

    Either we have the same wife or this is happening all over. Either way I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  9. Michigan Bronco Club

    @Gr8Hortoni I'm doing the same thing. I took advantage of the October deal so between the additional $2k off and paying invoice, I am considering getting the sasquatch on the Black Diamond.
  10. Michigan Bronco Club

    @Mattwings Dean Arbor in Tawas is great. We have family in the area who only go through them. My mom actually got a call from her regular sales guy who knew she was looking for a Minivan and since Ford doesn’t make anything he was giving her all the alternatives. Someone had traded it in and...
  11. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    @Granger Ford did you guys get all the emails sent out? I went through my inbox again and still haven't seen anything. Apologies if I missed it but I wanted to follow up.
  12. Black Diamond 4-Door Bronco in Area 51 + Soft Top Spotted in Allen Park

    But these aren’t signature headlights. They’re the standard and they look so much better!
  13. Buying Decision- is this a dumb idea?

    Agreed! I think BD is the best value. I just wanted the high package and that was pushing me into Badlands.
  14. Buying Decision- is this a dumb idea?

    Actually no, we don’t travel with them. I mentioned them because I take them to the dog park almost daily but we usually get a house/dog sitter when we go on vacation. And I assume you mentioned staying the night before you because you’re allergic to dogs? Maybe stay at a place that doesn’t...
  15. Buying Decision- is this a dumb idea?

    The point about the snow was that the Bronco could serve as a convertible during summer but still handle the snow better than a Mustang but point taken. Yes, would love an Expedition but garage space is limited and Explorer is about a big as we can fit.
  16. Buying Decision- is this a dumb idea?

    Yeah, I have an October reservation at Granger for $2k below invoice so I figure there’s limited downside risk with getting a 2022 MY Bronco and if I hate it sell it because it should still have a good resale value.
  17. Buying Decision- is this a dumb idea?

    That’s a pretty good idea! Not sure I’d go base but auto6 Big Bend to get mid package. Non-Sasquatch but add a lift down the road if I keep it. Would be $43k
  18. The questions that don’t deserve their own questions thread (2021 Ford Bronco)

    I actually plan on getting a set of winter tires. It also extends the life of your original tires. You can probably score a deal on takeoffs from someone going aftermarket and put snow tires. I’m thinking of getting four snow tires and then a spare tire delete for the winter time.
  19. Changing Bronco models

    You may want to change dealers. So far the consensus is that you can change models from reservation to when you actually order. So if they’re already shady about that, I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess about the rest of the ordering process.
  20. Buying Decision- is this a dumb idea?

    no kids but a couple Retrievers. The space in the second row is just cramped for the idea of road trips- which we do a couple times a year. I suppose I could always rent a Yukon for those trips, though.