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  1. Gnarly tailgate rattle

    It honestly sounds more like my seats, when I have the back ones down it sounds a bit better.
  2. Professional rust-proofing BEFORE/AFTER with pics and videos

    Thank you for this post! I also have rust and was not a DM POW, Michigan also uses tons of salt.
  3. Am I the only one annoyed by interior storage?

    I got a collapsable rear storage bin that I use to carry my off road gear. I don't want to read all the posts but has anyone mentioned the small trunk storage? I think it would fit some of this gear for you. It's underneath the flooring in the back. Edit: spelling
  4. BRONCO take over at Holly Oaks ORV park!

    I am so bad at getting my pics out of my camera and drone.
  5. BRONCO take over at Holly Oaks ORV park!

    Awesome, thank you!!
  6. Home safe and sound!

    Wow it looks tiny in your garage! Believe it or not I squeeze mine through a single door.
  7. Necklace in the mail today

    I got hammock before delivery, flag and calendar after. No poster or necklace. Also picture or its all lies.
  8. The Great White Bronco

    It's been done, this is including bumpers. can't say I am a huge fan though, I personally like the white on black contrast.
  9. Am I the only person who wants one of these?

    I got this one from Etsy Bronco Spare Tire Cover It comes with a rubber ring to hold it back from the camera.
  10. Could this have been the cause of the Bronco with all the snow inside? (Soft top issue)

    Agreed, I didn't realize I had not latched mine back up for a few days but I don't think this is an actual soft-top issue. I have to manually latch mine.
  11. Ultimate Badlands Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Some fun over the past few months. I was able to get a Bronco Sport while I waited for the Bronco and had both for a few days.
  12. Raptors at Night

    I present a mediocre picture and video of two raptors at night.
  13. zgoods

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @Motor City Lifer ahaha oh nooo, yet another thing to look forward to when getting older!
  14. zgoods

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @Motor City Lifer I have a nice camera I will bring but honestly my iPhone 13 pro is just as good. I also have a drone and a 360 action cam.
  15. zgoods

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I am down to caravan. I am coming from Detroit but have to stop in Farmington Hills to pick up my flag.
  16. zgoods

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @Mattwings I could use some extra foam please.
  17. zgoods

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Either day works for me too
  18. Week of the 15th of November has been 🔥 Produced 11/16, delivered 11/18, off-roaded 11/20

    I must be old, this gives me so much agita! I am only getting to mile 1,700/3 months and just now think I’m ready for some off roading.
  19. Alternator location is a significant issue

    My dealer told me not to go through a good amount of water at any speed. He already had to replace his alternator after a day at Holly Oaks.