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  1. Not ok! Dealer taking liberties with customer and charging for unnecessary "Accessory Package"

    Ask them how you are supposed to air down to go off road with nitrogen, they probably don't even know the bronco can go off road. Tell them the KARR alarm is not a Ford approved accessory and don't want to risk voiding your warranty. Dealerships like this is what give dealerships bad names
  2. Possible to add grab handles like these?

    How close does it match the orange accents on the interior pieces?
  3. Script Emblem Installation Template

    What makes you think they are out of business? Because the site is down for a few days, maybe updating it?
  4. Stopped by the scale yesterday.

    Thank you for this, this shows me i will still be able to use my Quickjacks still that are rated at 5000lb. I have a similar build on order
  5. Capable Bumper questions

    1. No one actually has a capable bumper yet, 2022s just started being delivered 2. Front parking sensor
  6. Installing overhead aux switches after sales?

    Here is a good video showing that there are no wires in the overhead. Everyone should of just ordered the switches for $195
  7. LED headlights collecting snow

    Ceramic coating helps
  8. Active Orange (aka Badlands Orange) Paint Source?

    Supposedly there is Electric Spice Metallic and Electric Spice Pearl, I ordered metallic but the pearl looks more towards the badlands and F150 Tremor trim. I guess I’ll order some of the pearl and see how that looks
  9. Active Orange (aka Badlands Orange) Paint Source?

    So I ordered a H8 paint pen from automotive touchup to see the color, it looks more copper to me, but I don’t have a badlands to compare it in front of me
  10. Blocked by Mike Levine on Twitter for asking about early reservation holder deliveries

    We all know it’s what dealer you ordered at, if you went to the small dealer then you’re screwed, they are favoring the big money making dealers.
  11. Credit Union Says Bronco Value Under MSRP

    Are they valuing a sport maybe?
  12. Why would the design team put a chrome emblem on a vehicle with all black trim?

    There's alot of design questions especially with some of the interior
  13. When should my reservation update from a 21 to a 22?

    Still no email confirmation but my reservation page does show 2022 now
  14. And this is Bronco time has officially come to an end.

    Can we delete this useless post so it doesn’t show up in my new feed
  15. 2022 Orders

    Still no confirmation on mine that I switched yesterday, he also couldnt remove the 99 code from it either. What number did you call?
  16. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Im upset the capable bumper isnt available to add to the Wildtrak, i like that bumper
  17. 8/2 Bronco Scheduling Cancelled - Again!

    Its everyone, I just reserved and ordered 3 weeks ago and mine says that now.
  18. Here starts the dealer games

    This is why the whole dealership model needs to go away and order cars like Tesla does. Why do we need sales people to buy cars anymore, majority know more about the cars then they do