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  1. Bronco Rookie (Bronciana) Build: XPEL Stealth Cactus Gray

    just checked out your ig and yeah it looks like it holds onto the less green color I like. Was hoping it would block some of the UV light that causes that blue/green flop and I’m thinking that may be true
  2. Bronco Rookie (Bronciana) Build: XPEL Stealth Cactus Gray

    Truck looks good and I’m glad you posted this because I have a real specific question for you! Ordered a cactus grey 2 door. Wound up seeing a Bronco sport in that color and my wife wound up with it. I still really like the color with the exception of the one shade it flops to in certain light...
  3. JBL Sound Bar accessory review / impressions?

    The Ford JBL soundbar is hardwired into the vehicle in place of the rear speaker pods. It replaces the factory 4" cardboard cone coaxial speakers with 4x 4" subs and 2x 2" tweeters. It is not self powered via an integrated amp, but when the dealer flashes the ACM it reconfigures the EQ sending...
  4. DIO (Dealer Installed Options)

    Ford sells accessories through three different channels. DIO accessories need to be ordered when the vehicle is, appear on the window sticker, and are installed by the dealer. Ford does credit the dealers for the labor in this case. The selection is limited at this time, and many dealers shied...