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  1. Everyone Likes a Good Bronco Story...

    beautiful car!
  2. Stopped by the scale yesterday.
  3. Local Florida Dealer (Labelle Ford) is demanding a $30,000 markup to my 2 door base Sasquatch!

    Just to be clear I ordered my Bronco and got a Purchase Agreement with "Balance Due on Delivery" that shows Purchase Price, Admin Fee, Tax and Balance Due. Also have a build sheet attached. No down payment was required. Is this typical...what do we need to ensure protection from greedy dealers?
  4. Stopped by the scale yesterday.

    Take it easy...It was a joke.
  5. Stopped by the scale yesterday.

    What is the weight of the 4-door? The 6,000-pound vehicle tax deduction is a rule under the federal tax code that allows people to deduct up to $25,000 of a vehicle's purchasing price on their tax return. Maybe ill buy a couple extra tires to get me to 6k.
  6. Bronco Sport Owner says…”I thought I bought the new Bronco”

    I think Ford made a mistake naming that car the Bronco Sport.
  7. Insurance classification for Bronco

    Can some of the folks who have their Bronco say how the cost for insurance was compared to other trucks or is it considered a convertable?
  8. Hold on all 2-door orders?

    I am researching to place my order for a Bronco and one dealer, who seemed pretty knowledgeable, told me that Ford told them in December not to place any orders for 2-door vehicles until further notice. Does anyone have any insight into this? best, Jonathan
  9. How many Kansas Bronco owners/reservation holders are out there?

    I'm in Prarie Village, KS...In the process of researching the right local dealer to place an order in the next few days. Any suggestions/experience with good dealers is appreciated. Looking to order a 2-dr base with a few upgrades for my son. He is a freshman at a college and cannot have a...
  10. Highest Volume Ford Dealers - LIST

    Has anyone had success determining allotment amounts and availability of high volume dealers?
  11. Highest Volume Ford Dealers - LIST

    Can someone direct me to a source for the highest volume Ford dealers in the US? In the process of planning a new order for Bronco after reading your Forum all weekend. Thank you for putting all this together! best, Jonathan
  12. Newbie planning an order

    So I’m planning on ordering a Bronco 2-door hardtop and would like some advice. After reading 74 pages on the challenges many have had getting car orders in; and with the delivery time and price as agreed what would you do differently if you were starting this process in now in Jan ‘22. Your...