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  1. Automotive Touchup Has Bronco Colors Available

    Also have Motorcraft matching paint pens. Every color on ebay.
  2. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    Good Point. In my opinion amber looks best with standard and white with signature.
  3. Orcale lights Bronco lit up letters

    It would be great to know. Thank you. I have aux switches but don't want to waste one if I don't have too.
  4. Orcale lights Bronco lit up letters

    Looks great. Ordered mine last week. Painted my bronco letters matte black but I don't think they pop enough so going back to white oracle. How do you like the Ford lightbar? Wind noise? I have the pillar pods and they are awesome.
  5. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    Hi, You have the standard headlights correct not the LED? Thinking that is why the light bar next to the letters is amber in the picture. LEDs I think have the bar in white. I think...
  6. Grille Blackout

    You could. I don't know how durable or good it will look. I saw someone that did it on their wheel Beauty rings and you could tell it did not look great. Body shop charged me 300 to paint it shadow black and clear coat it and it looks factory. You can also use exterior 3m tape to reattach the...
  7. Grille Blackout

    1/4 bit and they will come right out. Hot glue gun and they will go right back in. You can paint them black or buy the oracle light up letters in matte black.
  8. Grille Blackout

    I painted mine shadow black and did matte black paint on the letters. In think it would look great on a white Bronco as well.
  9. “BRONCO” Grill Badge Light Up

    Thank you. Would it be possible to post a pic of them installed and lit up on a vehicle. There are quite a few picks of the white letters installed and lit up. Just curious if they look the same.
  10. “BRONCO” Grill Badge Light Up

    Hi, are the sides of the matte black letters white?
  11. Grille Letter Removal?

    Are you happy with the quality of the oracle white letters? Easy to install and wire? I ordered the white letters because I think the black letters have white on the sides and will look strange. My painted matte black letters look great but I think they blend in almost too much. You hooking them...
  12. Grille Letter Removal?

    Thank you. Just used a hot glue gun to reinstall it the letters back in the same holes. Easy to take off again if I use a heat gun and remove the letters again. Oracle letters come with 2 sided tape but I think using something like hot glue makes it so dirt can't get behind the letters. Gorilla...
  13. Grille Letter Removal?

    Easy to do. 1/4 inch bit and just drill out the plastic melted in the holes that holds then in place. Painted mine shadow black and did matte black letters. Think I'm going to replace the letter with oracle while light up letters.
  14. Outer Banks Grille Question

    I have been wondering the same thing. The piece screws off easy once you take off the grille but I don't know if it serves a purpose and how it would look with it removed. I painted my grille shadow black to match the body color but the silver plastic piece bothers me so I think I might just...
  15. Ford Emblem painting DIY

    Looks awesome. Bought this one on ebay for my black Bronco and it looks great! Have the same one on my F150 for 3 years now and no issues. Heat the tape up and push in on the side tabs with a tool that gets under the emblem them remove it and stuck this one right on. Same oem badge with clips...
  16. Kid Broncos at Target

    Only Bronco guaranteed not to have soft top or hard top issues!
  17. Kid Broncos at Target

    Just saw these today
  18. Big Bend Sasquatch not a popular choice??

    I went 2.7 and it has been awesome. I have the 2.7 in my 2015 f150 also and it has been amazing...90k and runs better than new. The new 2.7 is slightly different but man does it have the hp and torque. I'm sure there are some lemons but if you get a good one and take care of it they last...
  19. Linex Rockers or Door Bottom?

    I had the same concern and I have black so I know they are mudflaps which is not ideal but I actually don't mind them. They are expensive but you can find then on sale at about 25% off MSRP. So far no spray or any debris plus they were easy to install and fit right through the rock rails. I did...
  20. Big Bend Sasquatch not a popular choice??

    I have been really happy with mine. Dealer steered me in this direction to get it quicker since I originally had a Wildtrak Hardtop ordered. What I have learned so far is that we are all addicted to our Broncos and there are so many things to add that they really become "customized quickly". It...