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  1. popup alert telling me to reconfigure my 2022 Bronco again

    Mine looked normal except that the vehicle image was missing. I would follow up with my dealer if I was in your shoes
  2. Scheduled without previewing?

    I keep telling myself that someday it will happen even though I haven't see any signs since submitting my order.
  3. Hypothetical allocation scenario question

    I don't see where this scenario plays out anytime in the next 3 years. Allocations will continue to be a key factor and believe that people will be able to walk into some dealerships, order and have vehicles delivered in months while many people with 2020 reservations and identical builds will...
  4. Would you pay 15k adm

    I have a hard time justifying the price of my Bronco at MSRP let alone paying an ADM when I know damn well that I could still run the same trails on a less expensive rig. Unless Armageddon comes in the next 2 years, prices will once again return to what we are used to.
  5. No Res 11/24/21 Order.. Dealer called, scheduled with VIN.. In March

    My build is the same except I opted for mid package. October 2020 reservation here. Make sure you buy lottery tickets this week.
  6. Hard or Soft Top? They Both Have Issues...

    It doesn't sound like the dual top option is available right now, so it sounds like the soft top will fit your needs for now until the aftermarket catches up. Many people currently with the soft top indicate that they're happy with it in the winter.
  7. Hard or Soft Top? They Both Have Issues...

    I think it depends upon how the will use it. Do you need the roof rack? If so, the hard top is your only option short of a big tubular frame. I can tell you, this is one of the hardest options for me to choose. I ordered the soft top due to ease of opening and ability to always carry that...
  8. I have some bad news.

    Its not the soft top. I have a nearly identical build and an October 2020 reservation.
  9. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Definitely luck. That's a late reservation.
  10. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Congratulations. Which dealer did you order from and what build, reservation date?
  11. Current Constraints?

    Not for several months. FMC website states MIC, tow and PPE are the largest constraints.
  12. Snow breaches inside of Bronco w/ soft top during blizzard claims owner

    True but what about a 30 mph cross wind? It wouldn't take a 6 inch gap like they experienced to get dirt and moisture in the cab. Come to think about it, the tonneau covers that I had on my pick ups used to leak a bit that I'd never put my luggage on the sides.
  13. 80 MPH Winds Tests Limits of Bronco Soft Top

    Any issues with the bestop leaking dirt and moisture?
  14. Snow breaches inside of Bronco w/ soft top during blizzard claims owner

    I was skeptical of this post until I saw the Lite Brite video. Now I see the possibility of seeing snow blowing under into the cab during a typical Midwest snow storm.
  15. Granger Email - Order pushed to bottom?

    I hate to say this, but it sounds like you missed a lot of information that's been posted on this forum in the last 6 months. I have a Grangtober reservation as well and at the time that I deferred my MY21 order, I too thought that I'd get a MY22. Last fall, FMC changed their allocation...
  16. October Granger reservation holders

    Order to meet demand seems to be the new model. I see no reason why FMC would cancel an order even if the basis was an original reservation. With that said, reservations that aren't converted to an order could end up being wiped from the system.
  17. 2022 price protection issues.

    It's supposed to come off when you pay for your vehicle in the form of a certificate from Ford.
  18. Ford offering $1000 discount on all pre-orders
  19. October Granger reservation holders

    That aligns with my thoughts of a late '23 or early '24. Considering that I'm ordering a soft top, it may or may not move the actual build date up.