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  1. 2021+ Bronco Roush Air Induction System

    Nice. Thanks. Will be getting one for my birthday. It looked as though you did'nt need to cut the gasket for the 2.3l. If you just start back a couple of inches, it looks like you can just wrap around the channel without cutting. No?
  2. Vintage Inspired Cyber Orange & Black Outer Banks Bronco Build

    Agreed. I love it, but like the others feel that something is needed there. You could always fully commit and get a chrome trim piece and glueon. Still, it's bad ass. Myself, I would keep the current fender look.
  3. A little sumpin' for Sunday: Alt Bronco Off Roadeo graphic.

    Went to Off-Roadeo in Vegas while getting my brother married off. Wore a Jurassic Park t-shirt as the big rock pillars that line the entry just give me that feeling. So, I made a Bronco Off-Roadeo Jurrasic Park style graphic. Please enjoy for personal use. Copyright may be suspect as it is...
  4. NIGHTMARE!!! Intersection Accident

    My Siverado kicked ass and everybody loved it. Even F-150 owners. Silverados have the Corvette supension and no truck drives better. That being said, I don't seem myself ever driving anything but the new Broncos.
  5. NIGHTMARE!!! Intersection Accident

    That was a family sedan (full of family) that got rear ended, ricocheted off of the concrete lane barrier divider and came over a couple of lanes to hit me in the A pillar. Either I'm really lucky to be alive, or God is out to get me. I choose the former. Interesting how everyone likes to aim...
  6. Factory roof rack as accessory coming in 30-60 days

    1200 is my bet. I'm waiting for the Yakima rear topper only rack that's coming one day, but if it is under a grand, will go Ford.
  7. NIGHTMARE!!! Intersection Accident

    Happening for me. Holdups were stock front bumper, 16" steelies, rear driver side brake light assembly, and, hard top. All found, top, bumper and wheelies from another dealer, brake light ships on the 17th.
  8. NIGHTMARE!!! Intersection Accident

    Well, I got hit by a city bus going about 50, and I reckon I came out of it better than my 2011 Silverado would have done. That one got totaled.
  9. Order Transfers are now 'Courtesy Deliveries'

    Love to believe. I have to remember what has happened to our supply lines. I blame globalization, seemed like a neat idea logistically, but, now, not so much.
  10. Order Transfers are now 'Courtesy Deliveries'

    From dealing with Granger, my feeling is that all the orders from all the dealers merge into one big line based on order dates and dealer allocations. You can't jump the line by swapping dealers as your place is set. So awesome being 719th in line at Granger. Maybe that's for my 2024.
  11. North Carolina Bronco Script Emblem

    Yeeowch! Didn't go through shipping cart. Just Google "bronco script emblem" Several for the older Broncos.
  12. NIGHTMARE!!! Intersection Accident

    Well, I had mine for barely over a month, so join the club. My impression was that these are solidly built vehicles. My repair is taking over a month, but should finally be done at the end of January. I had to find another hard top, so, be happy. State Farm is fully covering the repair far...
  13. North Carolina Bronco Script Emblem

    Try this chrome Bronco emblem. It has pins you need to cut off to glue on.
  14. Base Build 33s on stock steelies.

    Falken tire sizes
  15. Base Build 33s on stock steelies.

    I stuck with the Wildpeaks for the snow rating, but went 265/75r16 (31.5") with the steelies to save rotating weight. 285/75r16s will work for 32.3", but twice the weight almost. You can also do 235/85r16s that weigh a little more than the 265s but are thinner for better snow/mud gription.
  16. North Carolina Bronco Script Emblem
  17. Possible Bronco two-tone plan based on my '79 Maui machine.

    Hail to the yeah, bro! That will look sharp. Don't forget the little trim panel behind the front seat doors. My drawing paints it blue, but yours would need to be white, I reckon.
  18. JcrOffroad Fold down molle table has been released!

    Never thought I would regret the Ford table, but dang! That could be holding all my knives and such. No fair putting the fishn' pole there.
  19. Who will be the last off Dirt Mountain?

    Twenny will be plenny. I just feel for the sod. Mine was a DM and I got it 4 months after blend. Last Bronco out deserves sumpn'
  20. Who will be the last off Dirt Mountain?

    No matter who it is, I say we all get together and get them the mod they wish they had. I'm good for $100, how bout the rest of you? Maybe not an upgrade, but at least, an Off-Rodeo with hotel and flight included. Off-Roadeo definitley was a life changer for me.