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  1. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

  2. 300 mile owner review - 4DR 2.3 OBX MIC Leather

    POSITIVES Reasonable MPG @ 18.5 (75% highway/25% in town) Outstanding ride quality, much better than expected MIC top looks much better than expected Interior much better looking and more comfortable than expected, good quality leather Street handling is outstanding, tight turning radius for...
  3. 2021 order with a VIN # being converted to a 2022 by Ford

    Would not mind receiving the same notice. So long as it does not affect the production date, I do not understand why anyone would prefer a 2021 over a 2022. What am I missing?
  4. MIC 2.0: Possibly still having snakeskin and production issues!

    Whether that is a first or second generation top, the mere fact that they would release that vehicle for shipment is a pathetic testimony as to how dysfunctional their quality control procedures must be. Obviously, all is still not right and we are still looking at a crap shoot.
  5. đź›  10/25/21 Build Week Group

    “Run arounder” now part of your group. We got our email yesterday For week of 10/25. This is our 5th assigned production date: 6/28, 6/21, 8/16, 9/13, 10/25. Reserved early AM 7/14/20, ordered 01/20/21. We’ve had a VIN since April. 4dr OBX with MIC, 2.3, leather, mid. Maybe fifth time is...
  6. The Run Arounders (MIC, VIN, no date)

    Fellow "Run arounder" here. Production date changed from w/o 6/28 to w/o 6/21 to w/o 8/16 to w/o 9/13 to run-around status. My August 13 letter from Ford said this: "We expect you will be getting a 2021 model year Bronco. When we finalize plans to replace these roofs, you'll be updated via...
  7. Auto Trader Review of OBX Non SAS

    I enjoyed the review. Only negative I heard was about wind noise with the hardtop on. Thanks for posting.
  8. Iowa Cactus 🌵 at Granger

    With all the dread of late, it sure is nice to hear from happy owners!
  9. Received letter on Customer Satisfaction Program 21B49 - MIC Top Replacement

    Wut? ”the function of the roof is uncompromised” At this late stage it is hard to believe they actually proofread what they write.
  10. Finally received my bronco

    From the factory finish line to the dealer to the customer on the same day. That is truly something special. Congratulations!
  11. New article with a spin on the hardtop I hadn't heard

    I certainly never heard about the Wuhan connection. Good grief, what a debacle!
  12. 2.3L Bronco Engine Oil Change How-To DIY Video

    Messy access to oil filter, not unlike the GT350. You get used to it after the first 2 changes.
  13. First Family Vacation with the Bronco - The Gateway to the West

    Thanks for the real-life write-up. Happy to hear your comments on the 2.3 too!
  14. How do yo feel about owning a MY '22 v MY '21

    With delivery not likely until late November or December at best, I would much rather have a 2022 model year. The rest of the world will look at the 2021s as already one model year old.
  15. Delivery delay emails have arrived [8/13]

    Looks like those of us with VINs but not produced yet will NOT necessarily be getting a 2021 model year. Ford only "expects" it to be a 2021. No updates until October. There's nothing we want more than to get your Bronco to you. But unfortunately, we're having appearance and quality issues...
  16. Sad? Buy things.

    Don’t be sore Buy some more
  17. Flogging a Dead Horse / Bronco Reviews

    Skeeter needs some bourbon in his coffee:)