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  1. ?Cactus Gray Black Diamond with steel wheels (2-Door)

    So much gray/black/grayish/MIC/kinda blackish gray plastic going on here... the black steelies look great though!
  2. A Texas Howdy!

    Welcome. And by year or so, you mean late 2022, right Ford can't get out of their own way regarding 2021 models.
  3. BaseBase snow performance?

    Great point on the "3 Peak" rubber stamp. That 3 peak rating literally means NOTHING on icy roads. I see 4x4's in the ditch all winter with off-road 3 peak stamps. True winter tires are the only correct answer for serious winter drivers.
  4. BaseBase snow performance?

    Any AWD or 4x4 with snow tires is an absolute winter beast. Hell, even FWD with snow tires is a quality winter road machine. The Bronco Base with proper winter tires will be no different. *This is based on 32 years of driving in Buffalo, NY winters*
  5. 2022 Bronco Colors Suggestions

    Hoping by 2024 they bring this OD green/matte black combo... I checked out for '21-'22.
  6. First Mach-E just delivered on time. Hopefully bodes well for Bronco production schedule

    I'm still in shock somebody ordered an electric, old man, SUV looking faux-Mustang.
  7. TRX - $90K and Counting

    Yeah, it's ridiculously steep cash, but my God, it is pure American overkill!
  8. RUSSIAN off roader coming to market!

    Massed produced like the T-34? Oh, can't wait to see the gaps...
  9. Sold my daily driver , now what ?

    Ballsy move! I applaud your intestinal fortitude trusting a 300k+ hooptie through winter/spring/summer/fall?
  10. I'm out.

    Its a hideous looking box maybe? Your opinion is yours alone...
  11. I'm out.

    Nice! That was on my list too! Picked up a RAM 1500 Sport myself.
  12. Walkaround video of Outer Banks Sasquatch in Carbonized Gray Exterior & Roast Interior

    Light brown interior on a dark gray vehicle... yup, makes perfect sense!
  13. What are you buying instead of a Bronco?

    Ram Sport 1500 black on black night edition. My 3rd 5.7 HEMI to date...
  14. Bronco Black Diamond Interior & Seats Pics!

    Coming to America! Classic!
  15. Latest Levine: Base & Big Bend Sasquatch pricing should be $7,385

    Base Sasquatch was the only "good deal" as far as I was concerned... straight kick in the dick. Cancelled my reservation and bought a Ram 1500 Sport. Maybe by 2024 they'll have their shit together.
  16. Will Ford Raise Pricing In January Due To Supply Issues ?

    If they want to sign their "cancellation death warrant", sure.
  17. Bronco timeline frustration fix

    MOS was 19 kilo... drove M1A1 from 1990-93. Cav Scouts were frequently on joint missions with us in those Bradley's.
  18. Bronco timeline frustration fix

    I knew being a former tanker would come in handy some day!
  19. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    Should compete in that understated mid-size, 4 door, unibody mix with Honda Ridgeline and forthcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz.