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  1. 37s width

    I’m looking at Nittos. Ridge grapplers I believe
  2. 37s width

    Yes I’m squatched.
  3. 37s width

    Was thinking of keeping the stock wheels for now
  4. 37s width

    12.5 or 13.5?
  5. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    I get what you’re saying, but paying $15k over sticker is not something someone would normally consider, especially when you’ve ordered it a year out. Why are we putting this on the consumer? Shouldn’t the dealers be upfront and honest?
  6. New $5K Bronco roof option

    I agree. Would be a great option. Probably would have to be a static hard top though. Too heavy and big to be removable
  7. New $5K Bronco roof option

    Is that a challenge?
  8. New $5K Bronco roof option

    Isn’t it $5k and you have to bring your own hard top? That’s a bit steep if so.
  9. 2 door vs 4 door driving experience?

    Excellent information. Thank you!
  10. 2 door vs 4 door driving experience?

    Anyone who has driven both, do you have thoughts on driving experience between the 2? I have a 4 door but now wife is considering a 2 door. Just wanting some real world experience of one vs the other.
  11. Aftermarket memory seats?

    Oh I know. I had a rubicon a couple years ago
  12. Aftermarket memory seats?

    I want better than a Jeep 😂
  13. Aftermarket memory seats?

    I always love this response. A vehicle full of first world options and I want to solve an annoyance? I guess no one should get a lift or tires or cupholders or anything that didn’t come with their Bronco.
  14. Aftermarket memory seats?

    That is a thought.
  15. Aftermarket memory seats?

    Some people don’t know the struggle fr
  16. Aftermarket memory seats?

    Yes, it is. I can be bounce if I want, man.
  17. Aftermarket memory seats?

    Anything available? With the wife being 5’2” and myself 6’2” it’s a pita when I drive after her.
  18. Aftermarket Badlands badge in different color?

    Is there a replacement badge out there that isn’t orange? Orange and Rapid Red is 🤢
  19. Forscan unlocks all GOAT modes with any Bronco model trim! How-to DIY instructions

    Is there a way to make it default to Sport Mode? Does forscan allow disabling of auto start/stop? Is there a way to turn off the annoying seatbelt notification when someone unlocks their seatbelt? Sorry, I'm aware of forscan but don't know a whole lot of its capabilities.