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  1. First week with Big Bend 4-door, soft top, 2.3 manual - Great

    I have 8000 miles on my Big Bend and agree with your assessment. Only niggle is the noisy hardtop for me.... I get the annoying popping noise when going over bumpy roads. Hope that will be resolved when I get the MIC 2.0 hardtop replacement. Enjoy!!
  2. Base Outer Banks 2021 Bronco Speakers Upgrade Tutorial -- With Stereo Wiring Diagram

    Yes I am very happy with the result. Also if I need to temporarily remove the subwoofer all I need to do is switch off AUX2 and unclip the power connection at the sub. It is held on with straps that came with the Kicker HS8.
  3. Base Outer Banks 2021 Bronco Speakers Upgrade Tutorial -- With Stereo Wiring Diagram

    Hmm. Might work! I don't know if it is rated for sufficient current. I used the aux switch wiring that is routed from the battery to the passenger side rear cargo area. I connected it to the AUX 2 circuit since it is rated for 15 amps. No need to connect a wire to the car battery!
  4. MIC Top popping noise round 2

    I used the closed cell foam fix on the front locating pins at the front latches and that did the trick! I just used door weatherstripping foam. Make sure it’s closed cell type. Makes the main latches harder to close but that is to be expected since it is now an interference fit.
  5. Sand / Dune flag mount

    Great idea! Would like a pic when its done. Thanks
  6. Sand / Dune flag mount

    Quick question... have you used the suction cup mounting on the front / side of the Bronco? I see how this would work fine on the tailgate but the dune spot I plan to visit requires a front mounted flag. Thanks in advance!
  7. Stereo Upgrade Price Quotes!!!

    Yes I did. My Bronco has Aux switches so I used the Aux 2 switch wiring since it’s rated for 15 amps. I had to tap the kick panel speaker wires to send High level signals to the sub. Tucking the speaker wires under the passenger door trim was pretty easy. To get the Aux 2 to the right rear cargo...
  8. Stereo Upgrade Price Quotes!!!

    I first installed the 4” inch speakers in the dash without any blocking caps and they would distort at even medium volume levels. Relying on the kick panel speakers for mid bass and the sub for the rest works much better.
  9. Stereo Upgrade Price Quotes!!!

    I upgraded the 4 inch speakers with more efficent Infinity references, 600 hz bass blockers only on the dash speakers, kept the 6.5 inch kickpanel speakers, and installed a Kicker HS8 powered subwoofer in the rear cargo area. Costs: $ 110 for 4 inch speakers, $ 10 for bass blockers, $ 270 for...
  10. Upgraded Audio?

    I agree on keeping the factory kick panel speakers. They are fine plus they have waterproof cones which is an advantage durability wise. I swapped out the 4 inch speakers, Infinity Reference in the dash with 600 hz bass blockers and Pioneer TSG 400s in the rear pods. No bass blockers needed...
  11. MIC Top popping noise round 2

    Tightened everything up and no joy. Still makes pop noises. Next step is to clean and silicone lube the weatherstripping. I also bought some closed cell form to use on the locator pins as suggested elsewhere.
  12. MIC Top popping noise round 2

    If the tightening of the fasteners doesn't work, I am going to try the 1 inch closed cell foam fix on the locator pins that has been discussed elsewhere in the forum. Let's see....
  13. MIC Top popping noise round 2

    Thanks for sharing this. I took my MIC top apart and it appears that I don' t have any of the washers that you show in the pictures above. So regardless, I tightened all the fasteners up, let's see if the pop noises subside. I did do some serious offroading last month so I suspect the...
  14. Audio Upgrade - Observations/Questions

    If that’s possible, that would definitely be the preferred option. Unfortunately I am not familiar yet with Forscan. Would be great to learn more about it.
  15. Grand traverse fox

    I was fortunate that I paid A Plan price.
  16. Audio Upgrade - Observations/Questions

    Great question! Unfortunately due to how the packaging of the rear speakers have been done on the Bronco, there is not enough volume in the speaker enclosures to enable any speaker to deliver much bass at all. The rear speaker boxes are so small that significant low bass simply cannot be...
  17. Audio Upgrade - Observations/Questions

    Thanks I was there too. The kickpanel speakers are ok in my humble opinion. There is no need for them to put out high end sound due to their location, and you can get better imaging by just having the highs coming from the dash.
  18. Audio Upgrade - Observations/Questions

    The 4" Ford speaker has bass blocker cap integrated into the speaker assembly. Same story with the rear 4" Ford speakers. If you upgrade the Ford dash speakers, you will need to buy separate bass blockers for them since aftermarket speakers do not include them. The 6 1/2 inch kickpanel...
  19. Audio Upgrade - Observations/Questions

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I mounted the HS8 in the cargo area on the passenger side directly to the floor. I have a rubber cargo mat between the sub and the cargo floor to reduce resonance. I used the strap method to secure the sub and also connected it via the Aux 2 circuit...