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  1. Heated Leather Wheel - Any Way to Add After Delivery?

    Yes it’s a button and it’s lukewarm at best. IMO
  2. Hey OBX guys! Have your running boards been doing a good job protecting against rocks?

    they help some but still need to get flaps if you wanna stop more
  3. It took 539 days but it’s here

    Thanks for sending me down that rabbit hole
  4. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    Ordered mine. Amber on white for an AMB OBX. Was considering some other six letter words but didn’t. Maybe some other time :) Will link in some fog lights off of the same aux when I decide on those
  5. Post your spare tire cover pics

    Custom Spare Tire Covers Add Your Own Personalized Text Name Message Image Waterproof Dust-Proof Universal Wheel Tire Protectors Fits Tire for Trailer RV SUV and Many Vehicle Added my own image
  6. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    That’s for this. Was unsure about the white ones but love the amber. Might be my first attempt at wiring from the aux.
  7. My bronco was towed this morning

    will def have it checked out when I get back home. Right now had to get off the highway because this storm rolling up the east coast is no fun. Lots of SUV’s thinking they can glide through and ending up in a ditch on 95 After what happened a couple weeks ago in northern Virginia with people...
  8. My bronco was towed this morning

    Yes flatbed.
  9. My bronco was towed this morning

    Got it back home and a good story and some lessons learned about tracking. Thanks
  10. My bronco was towed this morning

    The lady at the tow lot said the same thing. Said she was standing next to the car when it started and it scared the shit out of her. Said that it shouldn’t have been towed. I just feel bad for my sister. She felt horrible. Plus pissed that they towed it with a temp tag
  11. My bronco was towed this morning

    I remotely started and stopped and it showed up
  12. My bronco was towed this morning

    It just now shows up on the map. Took forever. No alrms went off overnight. I guess because no doors were opened etc and the engine wasn’t started
  13. My bronco was towed this morning

    And in the app it still says it’s where I parked it At my sisters this weekend and she gave me a tag to park at her condo. Came out this morning and it’s gone. Looked on the app and it says it’s still where I parked it. major freak out till she called the towing company and it’s at their lot...
  14. Rattle and Popping Noises from B pillar

    Joining the rattle crew. Started this morning 4 dr soft top passenger side B pillar
  15. Who's going to 2022 Bronco Super Celebration East in April?

    Keeping an eye out. My GF birthday is that weekend so I may have some “finessing” to do but would love to make it
  16. Wamland

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    Unfortunately going to be in the opposite direction in Va Beach this weekend. Hope it goes well
  17. Post your spare tire cover pics

    Just got this and need to put in a back up camera grommet and let it iron out
  18. Post Your Topless Broncos

    Nothing topless but a few bottomless :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  19. Wamland

    Northeast Trail Ride Connections

    Great idea. In Maryland here but more than willing to travel up and down the coast. Went to Wolf Den Run park ( ) here in western Maryland this weekend and it was too icy to do much on the trails but looks like a great spot...
  20. đź›  11/29/21 Build Week Group

    You can tell I'm back at work because I just spent the last 30 minutes catching up on everyone's status. Here's hoping this is the week that all 11-29 builds get home. Once that happens you get to start looking at the stupid expensive prices for new bronco accessories/mods :-) Now that I've...