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  1. Bronco Step-Over Door Inserts Interest Thread

    I’m definitely interested in these for my 2 door. I figured these would for sure be an accessory after we saw them on the SEMA build.
  2. DarthTod

    The PNW Bronco Group

    Ok, who did my wife spot at the Team Magenta HQ in Bellevue today?
  3. FordPass now on Apple Watch

    You have to have watchOS 7 for it to work. And like me, your watch is “too old” to run it. That’s the real shitty part about any of these smart watches: the hardware gets outdated too damn fast. Just another thing that makes me feel old.
  4. How long from blend to ship?

    I had a Friday blend, my Bronco was built on the following Monday and shipped on Wednesday.
  5. No Roadster Door Inserts or Doughnut Doors at SEMA 2021 ?

    That’s a disappointment for me as well, especially since we saw a set on the build last year. I don’t even get that much of the year when I can use them, but they look so good. Hopefully someone will be doing them.
  6. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Got my 2 door out of the city for a couple hours last weekend. Going to need to do a lot more of this, she’s a blast to drive out there.
  7. Anyone else been keyed yet?

    Head on down to the Tesla store. They have a sentry mode that does it.
  8. Keyless Entry Keypad (Trick)

    I know a guy the lost his truck that way. And it was not a fun conversation with the police or the insurance company. They still covered it, but they didn’t cut him any slack.
  9. Downside of the attention: my Bronco got molested.

    If wired for monitoring when parked, maybe? But I am also concerned about the camera itself becoming a target. And yeah, back in our Jeep days we had the window slashed when you can just unzip it.
  10. Downside of the attention: my Bronco got molested.

    Our transit police are pretty decent, at least compared to the ones in the city. They definitely would not have been too interested in rolling for minor vandalism. Especially considering the call was not from the vehicle owner. Transit rolled two units with four officers.
  11. Downside of the attention: my Bronco got molested.

    They pushed the actual module to the side to get at the backing plate. The module was still attached, just hanging by its cable.
  12. Downside of the attention: my Bronco got molested.

    I went into the city yesterday for an event, and left my Bronco at the park and ride garage as I have done plenty of times with my other vehicles. I returned to see a crowd around it. Except this crowd was multiple police cars and cops. It’s pretty normal to see them in the garage as they base...
  13. Revealed: Custom Build Broncos to Debut at SEMA 2021

    Dude, that’s totally bitchin’ The bettys would be so warm for your form driving that.
  14. They do attract attention

    It’s actually Area 51, the sun wasn’t up yet, and that’s on a security monitor.
  15. They do attract attention

    That thought definitely crossed my mind.
  16. They do attract attention

    Lol, lol, yeah I’m physically about four blocks away, but thankfully have access to the security cameras. So it’s a picture of a picture and was before the sun was fully up.
  17. They do attract attention

    I normally take transit to the office, but a couple of my coworkers wanted to see my Bronco, so I drove in and parked it where I could keep an eye on it. Didn’t take long to get the crowds gathered. (Edit: this is a picture of my security monitor as that’s how I’m watching it, so yes, it’s a...
  18. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Yes, they both roll down the same line.
  19. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Got my picture, picking it up tomorrow night. So whose is that one behind mine that somehow has the brush guard already installed?