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  1. Torx and Torx Plus question

    Wheel Trim Rings - Regular Torx
  2. dcg2

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @Ig_bronco just talked to SteelCity. Thanks for the mention. $300 to do the Bronco and $100 /yr to do touch up. Im in!
  3. Plow Options?

  4. Trigger warning: My Dealer Said... They paid a res holder to let the dealer flip their Bronco

    My BIL and his son sold their Broncos to the dealer they bought them from after owning them for 3 months for $10K over the OTD cost + upgrades they made. I'm a little bummed I don't have bronco buddies now, but it was easy money that I don't fault them for taking.
  5. Another blown 2.7

    I did my first oil change at 5K miles. Pretty sure those impurities have kept it from blowing up. #forumlogic
  6. Sasquatch mud flaps

    If anyone else is DIY'ing I recommend using a nutsert in the boss under the flare. These are holding up well. I used 1/8" thick rubber flooring so no need to remove them for wheeling. Made the mounts out of 3/16" steel and used the intrusion bar mounts that are unused on our models...
  7. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 28 so far [Jan 19 update]

    I think you're on to something here.
  8. dcg2

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    @BudgetBronco nothing crazy. Ive only been there once and it was to make sure I could find it and to putter around. Wanted to wait till after I went to the offroadeo.
  9. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 28 so far [Jan 19 update]

    21196 - July 15th @ 6200 miles Driving it like I stole it
  10. dcg2

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    The Independent Off-Road Facebook group is heading to the Isabella Slate Dump this Sunday around 10 AM. 39.939160,-79.930532 My BIL and his son just sold their Broncos to make some fast "over MSRP + taxes + upgrades" cash and I'd LOVE to not be the only Bronco in a see of Jeeps! Come get dirty!!
  11. This Negative Review Makes Me Happy

    Thanks! Couldnt find it!
  12. This Negative Review Makes Me Happy

    I bought a Bronco... Not sure what kind of person the aithor is but i'm glad to not fit in his mold. The review should be titled "Ford Bronco isn't a Discovery"
  13. Budget Gear that Surprised you with Being Quality?

    Por que no los dos??
  14. Budget Gear that Surprised you with Being Quality?

    So after doing more research I found this: Which seems like a pretty good solution especially with sliders. $100 cheaper as well.
  15. Possible rack / steering (tie rod sleeve) failure solution from Broncbuster?

    Also learning, but I think simple physics would dictate that SAS does put more stress on the components. SAS wheels and tires are 100ish lbs vs. non-SAS at I believe 80ish lbs. I'm playing it safe since I don't like being broke down in the middle of nowhere. I was initially taken aback by...
  16. Mike Levine and Ford have a solution if you are an early reservation holder still waiting... 🙄

    Now you're just exaggerating... it starts at ONLY $64K. :cool:
  17. Maxtrax mounting options with a soft top Bronco

    Hmmm. 2 x 2.5 Gal Rotopax with gasoline are 31 lbs = 1 Hi-Lift Jack The mount weighs about 4 lbs? Max Trax MK II are 17 lbs And this would be mounted only when off-roading. I'm not an "overland" (or camping as old people like me call it) kind of guy so I don't think I'd be opening and...
  18. Maxtrax mounting options with a soft top Bronco

    Thanks for the visual. This seems like a flexible, reasonably priced solution. Especially since it seems like it would be easy enough to mount it when going off-road and unmount it when not. Would you feel comfortable positioning them vertically and mounting a hi-lift jack on one side and a...
  19. Mike Levine and Ford have a solution if you are an early reservation holder still waiting... 🙄

    I somehow won the lottery and got my Bronco in September but this guy is a 🤡🤡🤡 I'm pretty certain his next move is white house press secretary. I recommend checking out the Ineos Grenadier. It will be interesting if they (a brand new car company) can start delivering a brand new design in...
  20. Lost 2 Bronco Buddies

    So sad! They succumbed to the siren song of a quick profit selling their Broncos that they've had for a couple of months. I get it. Easy money. But still bummed. Was looking forward to doing Bronco shit together. They both claim they'll likely buy another one at some point in the future.