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  1. Congrats to Santa Monica Ford for honoring MSRP...

    Big shout out to Santa Monica Ford for honoring MSRP on FE ordered on day one. Thanks to Gary and Eduardo for 4 hour receipt to me on CG FE. I don't think too many other Socal dealers playing this fair and really appreciate them. Scott
  2. Factory installed front license plate holder?

    My truck arrived from the factory with front plate holder already mounted? I had asked dealer not to install, but says came that way? Are the holes easy to plug?
  3. Best leveling kit for Sasquatch?

    Which leveling kits work with Sasquatch models? I have read 4WP doesn't work, and not sure about Rough Country? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  4. Proof Ford not following blend date for roof replacement...

    I have 2 on order, a FE and a Wildtrak. FE had blend date of 6/24, Wildtrak had 7/21. Just got pinged the Wildtrack is built, FE still "in production" hell... So proof the "first-built, first-out" of dirt mountain is not how Ford is handling. Not sure how they are prioritizing... @Ford...
  5. Any Southern California deliveries?

    Has anyone in Southern California had a truck delivered yet? What model/roof combo?
  6. "In Production" hell?

    I've had my FE in production since 6/25 (Blend date 6/24)... How is Ford delivering so many to certain dealers? Zero communication to me or the dealer!