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  1. Experiences with CarMax

    I've bought three vehicles from CarMax and sold them three. Super easy process. Usually pretty quick and painless too! Happy with the results on both sides.
  2. My audio system upgrade with lots of photos

    Yes...any rattle from the sub???? I'm looking at that solution also!

    I'll be the one to say it.....probably should have went with the Sasquatch package. 3.73 gearing is marginal at best for 315/70/17. I have a Base Sasquatch with the 2.3. With the 4.70 gearing I find it to be fine for my needs, got it mostly for the looks and the stance...not afraid to admit...
  4. Real World MPGs with Sasquatch?

    Fuelly has me at 17.5 average, 18 last and 19.6 best on 6078 tracked miles. Car computer has me at 18.5 average over 6400 miles.
  5. 1000 mile road-trip: Interesting lessons learned

    I'd check MPG by hand. My electronic nanny MPG is about 1.5 mpg optimistic.
  6. Who has the most miles on their 2021 Bronco?

    Just over 6K. Trips Cincinnati to Charleston, SC and Cincinnati to Gulf Shores, AL. Only issue was a brake warning, but that was after driving for like 3 hours without touching the brakes. No issues otherwise.
  7. 17-18 MPG in Suburban Driving With 2.3 EcoBoost

    I have a Base 2.3 4DR Sasquatch and Fuelly has me at 17.5MPG average at 5784 tracked miles. This includes roundtrips from Cincinnati to Charleston, SC and Cincinnati to Gulf Shores, AL. I have a best hand calculated mileage at 19.6MGP. Trip computer is routinely 1.5ish MPG higher than hand...
  8. DonM

    Ohio Bronco Club

    I could be talked into coming up to Cleveland from Cincinnati!!! Even better, we should all meet up on Put-In-Bay this coming summer!!!!
  9. POLL Update: So what color did you actually end up buying?

    Got Velocity Blue because I couldn't get Cactus Grey on the Base for '21!!!!
  10. 2.3 Liter Sasquatch vs Non Sasquatch?!?!?!

    I have a 4DR BaseSquatch with 2.3 and auto. I think it rolls just fine. Not race car fast, but you can definitely push it hard. No real off-road experience yet...but hopefully I'll get some snow soon!!
  11. What size and kind of tires should I get..?

    I've seen several people switch to 275/70/18. I'm thinking of getting an OBX for my wife, I have a BaseSquatch and was looking at 265/70/18.
  12. Base Model Owners: what’s your take so far?

    Base 4DR Sasquatch with the 2.3 here. The only thing that I'd really add is heated front seats!!! The stereo is not the best, but neither is the B&O from other reports. Certainly doesn't sound like it was worth all of the upgrade charges. Also wish there was an independent bass sub upgrade...
  13. For those with some miles on their Bronco, do you have any regrets on trim package or options chosen?

    Don't get me the value of my 4DR BaseSquatch with a 2.3. Love how it rides and everything else. I will say, I do miss heated seats and may have to sidetrack my stereo upgrade to do some Katzkin upgrades!! Otherwise, I think I probably would have done my other build of 4DR Big...
  14. Show me your BaseSquatch

  15. SS3 vs SS5 and Ditch vs Fog

    How bad is the glare off of the hood? I want more light, haven't added anything yet and not sure if I really want the added expense of a new bumper to add lights to!
  16. Sweet! Bronco screen (Sync) has weather and radar!

    Nuts....Base doesn't have that! That is pretty cool, maybe CarPlay will integrate one of the weather apps in the future!
  17. Ordering advice, to Squatch or not to Squatch?

    Get the Badlands and build from there. The big bonus of the Badlands is the auto disconnecting front sway bar. It and the FE are the only models with it and sounds like a really good option for rock crawling. I don't think gearing is going to make much of difference until you get over 40"...
  18. Fuel Economy For 2-Door, 2.3, Auto Sasquatch

    Fuelly has me at 17.5 MPG (almost 4900 miles tracked). 4DR Base Sasquatch. Best tank was 19.6. Trip computer currently has me at 20.1 MPG for this fill up. I run it mostly on ECO mode and stay within 5 mph of posted. I also do a lot of city driving but have two long road trips in it -...