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  1. Dubsesd

    Bronco Boys of Connecticut

    @thestanz CT Window Film and Tinting. We do window tinting, ceramic coating and PPF. We work with a shop here in Milford as well for audio and vehicle electronics as well.
  2. Dubsesd

    Bronco Boys of Connecticut

    If anyone is interested I have referrals for audio and I also manage a window tinting shop in Milford. I will also give you guys discounts as well on stuff we can do at our shop.
  3. Post your front side window tints

    Multi layer ceramic 5% on front windows and 15% over rear factory door windows. The soft top windows are lighter ( can’t tint soft top windows) but I’m ok with that. I always have 5% on all my vehicles.
  4. Bronco phrases you've come to hate?

    When people say “bronc” for short. Also “tweet Mike Levine”
  5. Smoked tail lights and front and rear markers

    I agree. Some ppl 🤦‍♂️
  6. I stumbled into a 1967 Bronco when doing a Home Depot run

    I stumbled on a EB as well. Wish I can have both.
  7. Dubsesd

    Bronco Boys of Connecticut

    Hey guys. When people start getting their Broncos or has Broncos here are some off-road parks I’d like to go to and hopefully we can set something up. Nora in New York Rausch Creek in PA 508 int. In Mass.
  8. Dubsesd

    Bronco Boys of Connecticut

    Didn’t know we can have a group! I’m in milford and plan to make a trip to a couple off road spots when it gets nicer.
  9. Anybody having any luck with Connecticut dealerships?

    I’m in Milford when everyone gets their Bronco we should all do a meet up and go off-roading.
  10. Tint recommendations for front windows on First Edition

    Back windows meter at 15%. Go with a ceramic film to block out heat. I would highly suggest Autobahn Performance Films. The ceramic i3 line is great!
  11. Adding a lift to Sasquatch package?

    Yea i got the 3” zone kit as a Christmas gift. Do you have a link for the RC diff drop kit? Thank you.
  12. Manual Wrong? Heated Mirrors

    Mines a soft top no prep kit. It has the button.
  13. Anyone do a full PPF Wrap?

    There’s so many options. Let me know if you want any quotes or have any questions.
  14. Was curious 🧐 if anyone did a LEASE ?

    Thx for your input, I was aware of all the circumstances and fine with my decision.
  15. Anyone do a full PPF Wrap?

    My shop is in Milford. Message me if you would like a quote. We do tint, ppf and ceramic coating. Because your a fellow Bronco owner I’ll throw in the ceramic coating over the PPF no charge.
  16. Anyone do a full PPF Wrap?

    I did that. I manage a window tinting shop so we do tint ceramic coating ect…
  17. Was curious 🧐 if anyone did a LEASE ?

    I leased mine because it’s a first year vehicle, I ordered without ever driving one and it was cheaper on the wallet. I thought if I absolutely hated it I’m not tied to it and can turn it in at lease end. (Not the case I love it). It may not have been a good financial decision to lease if you...
  18. Anyone do a full PPF Wrap?

    My bad …. On me, my wires were crossed. Another poster is in CT
  19. Anyone do a full PPF Wrap?

    I have experience installing the ppf so it’s not bad. You said you were in CT, where about dare you located?
  20. Anyone do a full PPF Wrap?

    Yes it works really well and so easy to apply