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  1. Sunglass storage alternatives?

    Do it like my wife and just lose them
  2. 🤬 Naughty Bad Dealerships Hall of Shame ("Surprise ADM" List)

    Surprised my local hasn't made the list yet. They tried to bone my neighbor for $20k adm even with agreed to pricing at the time of the order.
  3. October Granger reservation holders

    I'm patiently waiting. I've wanted the mod top anyways, so I'm sorta stuck regardless. My local dealer is trash and tried to charge my neighbor $20k ADM on his ordered Bronco, even with his signed price agreement. So I'm not confident we'd ever come to terms lol If I stumbled across a semi...
  4. My Eruption Green 2022 Bronco delivered!

    Currently I agree. Who knows what the future holds though lol
  5. My Eruption Green 2022 Bronco delivered!

    Certainly a risk, but they added this and it's better than the MY21 options, so maybe something even better comes along if it gets dropped?
  6. My Eruption Green 2022 Bronco delivered!

    This color is 🔥 Hoping I'll still be able to get my MY23 Wildtrak in this color
  7. Show Your Christmas Bronco Swag

    My neighbor who received his Bronco got me this....
  8. Dealer says they are getting Bronco Raptor allocations, 30K over MSRP

    How bad would dealers flip if Ford started charging them ADM on popular vehicles lol I don't really have a problem with this though. It's a popular, limited production vehicle, gotta pay to play. Every new Raptor I've seen lately are all being sold in the $15-20k over MSRP range
  9. Carvana is asking $ 20,000+ mark-ups for all Bronco trims

    Ahh, maybe it was a Carmax thread then. I just vaguely remember reading it. No Bronco in my future for another 4 years apparently, so I'm kinda checked outnlol. Thanks @Ford
  10. Carvana is asking $ 20,000+ mark-ups for all Bronco trims

    I'm not sure that's true. I could swear there was a thread on here of someone who sold their Bronco to Carvana and received $16k over msrp. Obviously they're in it to make money, but that much over msrp is a very fair offer for a new used car lol Having sold to Carvana in the past it is also...
  11. Everglades Bronco Teaser Photos Reveal Square Fenders, Snorkel and Wheel Design

    Honestly looks pretty great. I'll admit the snorkel probably won't see a lot of real world usage by most people but who cares. I'd buy this and not feel guilty about never needing it lol
  12. Still no aftermarket headlights?

    I'd be shocked if aftermarket lights(of good quality) aren't actually more expensive than OEM options. They're almost never plug and play and fit and finish issues are pretty common.
  13. First steps to Murdered Out

    That was actually my first thought too lol
  14. MyTop Sema Bronco - powered soft top

    I've considered one of these for wifey's Wrangler. Big money installed though, $5k+. If you don't use a shop they're affiliated with the warranty is void, so you've pretty much gotta go the professional install route. Luckily there's a couple places close that deal with them. Reviews seem...
  15. Anyway to speed up truck sitting at rail yard?

    Nothing to do but wait. It took 3 weeks for our Wrangler to arrive by train, and we live 5 hours from the factory lol
  16. Quick PSA: Check Tire PSI from factory.

    Same in our Wrangler. 49 psi from the factory. Seems high 40s is normal for the shipping vehicles. The dealer SHOULD air them down during their inspection, but that doesn't always happen. I went all the way down to 32 for the summer, and the ride is significantly better
  17. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    Soooo...never. Thanks Ford! This makes the wait for a painted mod top less painful I guess?