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  1. No 4x4 from the factory

    Do you roll the windows down to see if they work? Do you try the ac to see if it works? Checking out the truck before leaving will push dealer to make things right to make the sale. Guess you just sign and drive. Why not dealers are so honorable and honest. I will use the 4x4, I want them...
  2. No 4x4 from the factory

    When I buy a 4x4 I test out lo, hi and lockers, etc before leaving (actually before signing papers). Why would you not find dirt or grass and test drive it?
  3. Suggestions for dash cams?

    Lots of good info and reviews at blackboxmycar. They are in Canada but I had zero issues with sale and support to Vegas. I went with BlackVue cameras.
  4. This is my 2021 Ranger in shadow black

    yes. On day three I did. In 4Lo there are .5mph increments. In 4hi the increments to trail control is 1 mph. And trail control cruise works forward and in reverse.
  5. This is my 2021 Ranger in shadow black

    In the Mojave desert you drive in Black and come out tan.
  6. This is my 2021 Ranger in shadow black

    This is my 2021 Ranger in shadow black. Amazing paint that acts like a mirror. Many good colors that Ford is offering But I got the shadow black. Here are a couple iPhone pics from today. There is a fine coat of desert dust on the surface and the truck was washed two days ago and driven 90...
  7. Sand down tires??

    Taken from the Ranger forum..... And Ford says..... From the owner's manual: "The two front tires or two rear tires should generally be replaced as a pair, except if the vehicle is equipped with four wheel drive. Vehicles equipped with four wheel drive should have all four tires replaced...
  8. The Cat Thread

    Not my cat, but always thought it was a fun pic of a good looking cat. If you don’t see the hidden message then your not looking. Ha ha
  9. How many Jeep purists were convinced to buy a Bronco by the KOH videos?

    Say it all you want because your assumption of me is incorrect.
  10. How many Jeep purists were convinced to buy a Bronco by the KOH videos?

    Jeep purist want to take a new wrangler up the mountain and over the rocks. Bronco guys want to do Baja high speed flying stuff, two different purposes for these nice machines. Read many post on here about Bronco reservation holders always saying “I’m not going to put my $40-50k Bronco on the...
  11. How does a Noob un-Noob himself?

    Hit up Facebook or meet up 4x4 clubs. Ask to ride along, offer gas or lunch. Learn by riding in someone else’s 4x4. Forums are cliquish, 4x4 clubs are not. Put it out there you want to learn and peeps will help you out.
  12. Why No Published MPG ?

    Yes, because the Bronco is the first turbo vehicle in their fleet and Ford doesn‘t know how to test one and record MPG due to it being a turbo engine. Because a turbo engine is new to vehicles from any manufacturer, a turbo engine is rare? Come on now, Ford knows exactly what the mpg is, they...
  13. Moab 4x4 Trails

    Pretty much all obstacles on a trail has bypasses. There are numerous obstacles on a trail. Look at the ratings and if you stay with hell’s revenge and fins and things as your highest level trail you will be ok. For a comparison, Jeep host a jamboree every year at Moab. Lots of sport and...
  14. The Squat.

    Not only NO, but HELL NO!
  15. Who's got a trade-in?

    I just traded in my 2013 Jeep JKU with broken A/C, and tires could use replacement and the odometer had 87k miles. I was given $500 above KBB value and they didn’t even start the Jeep. Covid issues prevented them from even doing a test drive according to dealership rules for their employees...
  16. Vegas!

    Friendly dealership called me. Guy said send in the build and they will order it. I asked about a buyers order to sign Alberto Marez said there is nothing to sign that he knows of. I will wait to talk to his boss Randy Block next week when off. Friendly said no additional deposit. I am...
  17. Poll: Was Confirmation Received after Order Converted?

    Did you guys that had your orders entered ever have to sign anything to verify the order, trim, color, and cost is correct for your Bronco? Reason why I ask is my dealer said send over the B&P specs and they will order it. No ADM, no additional deposit. I said there has to be something that I...
  18. Just talked to my dealer.........

    You drive a Kia Soul, There is much you will never understand.
  19. Adding 16 lbs per wheel too much? (Swapping P rated to LT)

    If they own a crown Vic they ride on the roof. Bwahhh haaa ha