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  1. Shelby GT500 Powered 1968 Ford Bronco

    Just something to check out...
  2. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    What color did you go with for interior ? I went with roast/onyx
  3. Amusement. Ecobeast badge
  4. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Not seeing other models that have HPR very often , Im sure the bronco will be a fairly low % .
  5. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    I agree .. The more black accents you can do on the Bronco with HPR , the better it looks.. im in the 2/21/22 tracker thread and the first 3 entries are HPR
  6. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    could be but have seen assembly line photos with multable colors going down the line
  7. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    interesting that the first 3 entries are HPR
  8. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Looks amazing and congrats .. The wait is killing me but will be over soon.. what interior to you go with?
  9. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    im thinking the OBX gloss black grill is going to look great with this color
  10. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    Guess this is my new build date ...
  11. 02/07/2022 Build Week Group

    Looks like im getting bumped from 2/7 to 2/21
  12. Random significant drop in gas mileage????

    drive in normal mode.. pay attention to your rpm and turbo boost to see if they are on the high side.. im no mechanic but would be a start.. also when you get home feel your rims to see if they are hot to see if a brake is hanging up
  13. 531 days since reserving but it’s here!!!!

    Thanks for those.. Just cant believe Ford didnt see this as an issue and designed better...
  14. Black Lug Nuts - size and style for Bronco?

    this link will give size ...
  15. 531 days since reserving but it’s here!!!!

    congrats and looks fantastic.. Were your mud flaps dealer installed ? can you post a closer pic of them , best looking flaps installed that ive seen
  16. Soft top owners - how are you washing your bronco?

    Keep in mind a soft top average life span is 5-7 years.. Seems short to me but im thinking between mother nature and wind the top gets weak and stretched out..
  17. Donut Mode!

    really cant wait to try that feature
  18. Donut Mode!

    No video ?
  19. Are the door bags washable?

    I had to order the bags as an accessory on my 21 build.
  20. My Eruption Green 2022 Bronco delivered!

    Congrats and looks great !