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  1. GOBI Bronco Rack preview

    Look great!!! but with my 35's, I wont clear the top clearance of my garage :p
  2. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    Bro!!!! What a bummer, your OP of thread and they bumped ya dirty
  3. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    Sounds like my story as well 🤠
  4. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    It's a journey brother, Keep positive :cool:✌
  5. CodaMojo

    Sac Bronco Club

    Mines gonna be Eruption Green sorry can’t help but I believe CG is a common color for ford. There should be any number of vehicles at the lot that has the paint scheme
  6. Bronco Sport Owner says…”I thought I bought the new Bronco”

    Bronco Sport drivers thinking they got a Bronco huh huh huh…. Whaaa
  7. Creeping on the dealership!

    So you say there is a chance…..
  8. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    You better get that lol, they gonna sell it 😅 😅😅
  9. Backdoor tracking link not working?

    well I have been bumped 6 weeks on build date in last 1 1/2 weeks and every time it’s cause it’s down…Get ready is all I can say.
  10. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    Haha…Rodger that 🤯👈👻
  11. Hello from the UAE (Badlands Sasquatch 4 door)

    yeah I assumed as much. Let me know if you need parts, I could “hot shot”(air direct) them to you 😅 👌
  12. Ford offering $1000 discount on all pre-orders

    When you low key hope it was really a discount…
  13. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    lul we were both 12/20 “First Batch“ OG”s :cool:
  14. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    Yep just got put out another month
  15. Hello from the UAE (Badlands Sasquatch 4 door)

    Grats on delivery!! Curious what was your cost (dealer direct or through buyer ) and did you reserve it? 😅
  16. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    what top? MIC or Soft? And depends if other grafics. Also what wheels(pics) 😅 👌
  17. HOW TO: MagSafe Wireless Charger Install in Factory Location - DIY

    not sure if answered OP, do you feel OEM installed wireless charger( on some packages) not efficient or viable? could you modify (if available )that to a puck as well?
  18. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    thought this was a troll post 😅 At 1st lol Im in and pass me the koolaid
  19. My Eruption Green 2022 Bronco delivered!

    Grats Bro!!! Mines in the “build date’ hold pattern waiting for final approach
  20. Happy New Year Bronco6g!!

    Happy New year 6G Fam!!!