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  1. What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    Thanks! About 10% off MSRP.
  2. What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    I caved. Sarge Green with a body colored top and nice price got me. Still love the Bronco and may have one some day. But I just felt like I was compromising too much because I wanted to be first. I had an early day one reservation. So many of you moved up a place. See you out there!

    My guess is the site was so screwed up that first night that they accidentally took more than 3,500 FE reservations and had to extend the run as a result. At this point, if it delays me two more weeks there’s not much we can do about it anyway. So I’m just going to worry about shit that actually...
  4. Anyone Else Get a Dealer E-Mail Like This??

    I got one of these from my original dealer. They never acknowledged any of my questions, just sent generic BS like this. Thankfully the Texas Buyers Group got me hooked up with someone who knows better than to send me this crap.
  5. Carbonized Gray and Area 51 with orange accents.

    Oh thanks, I like! I don’t think the top is too different here than in real life. Did you see the 2 door A51 pics in the snow posted today?
  6. Carbonized Gray and Area 51 with orange accents.

    They all look great but I think Cactus will look much less green in person. If it was the CGI color, I’d be going with it. I’m going A51 instead and Carbonized would be my backup. If you’re sold on the orange ring, I think they look especially great on Carbonized. Have you tried a gray stripe...
  7. New Photos: Area 51 Badlands in the Snow!

    So excited to see Area 51 on the two door. Take off the brush guard and give me the upgraded wheels and I’ll take it today.
  8. Bronco Soft Top how-to video -- folding, removing and window removal

    I’m a two door hard top gal, but I dig the look of it with the side and back panel removed.
  9. Email from Ford once scheduled, Bronco Sport example

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for mine!
  10. Velocity Blue Metallic thread

    I’m far from an expert, but I would have guess the one inside is Lightning Blue.
  11. seatbelt upper attachment adjustable or not?

    I don’t know but I would love it. I’m 5’3 and constantly adjusting seatbelts so they don’t cut into my neck.
  12. Pics of Bronco w/ top removed -- shows satellite radio antenna, Bronco stamping, soft top

    Somewhere I’ve seen the Badlands dash called “dark cactus.” It may have been in the interior video.
  13. Marine Grade Vinyl rear seat back material

    They said something on the interior walkthrough video like “hard backed seats.” So I’ve got my fingers crossed there’s no carpet. I know some people feel the comment was just about the front seats, but I’m holding out hope for the back seats as well. (Missy says this right around 10:30 in the...
  14. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    It looks way better with the top than I imagined. I was worried it would be like a mismatched black outfit.
  15. Texas Buyers Group: THE OFFER & THE DEALERSHIP – Finally!

    I got my refund. Not sure if the new dealer has taken their 100 yet.
  16. What number was the first Reservation?

    It is impossible to tell really. I made my reservation very early on 7/13. But my email confirm was dated 7/14 so that’s the date I entered on the sheet. I would love to believe this because it would put me at 283 in line. But I think it is more complicated.
  17. 4 legged travel companions

    I would guess your pup’s nails would scratch up leather and MGV. Best to have some kind of seat protection. For a quick fix if your pup rides shotgun, something like this would work...
  18. 4 legged travel companions

    My pup loves to ride with me. He’s a 45 pound doodle. I’ve got him trained to ride in a dog bed in the car so he doesn’t mess with the leather. I’m getting a two door. Plan on loading him through the back. I’ll keep one seat folded down and his car bed on the other back seat. I plan on rolling...
  19. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    It’s funny you say that. I got rear ended on the highway after I had it three months. After 15k in repairs it was never the same. The guy who hit me said he liked my plate and I told him that it obviously didn’t work!