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  1. Actual Bronco Costs to build???

    Why are some of you guys so childish? you go do you buddy and rail against those unions! lol
  2. Actual Bronco Costs to build???

    But yet here you are responding with nothing to add whatsoever to the conversation. So smarty pants, what do you think they actually pay for the items listed. I'm just going by wholesale numbers on a sheet I see . Are you saying the numbers are actually less or more? enlighten oh great one!
  3. Actual Bronco Costs to build???

    Want to be clear that this isn't a hate post, it simply is a topic of discussion.
  4. Actual Bronco Costs to build???

    Not sure what your reply even means. The point of this thread is to allow some of us to discuss what we believe the true build cost to be for our trucks. Not sure why your panties are in a bunch. Some members on this forum sure are on edge these days
  5. Actual Bronco Costs to build???

    First settle down a little, this isn't shit stirring, it's bringing a topic up for discussion, and my data points are using my experience in seeing wholesale pricing for several other industries including the computer business. I have access to wholesale information for some things, but have...
  6. Bronco Raptor Interior Spied With Paddle Shifters, Digital Analog-Style Tach & Upgraded Dash

    I would be happy with an analog looking digital tach myself :)
  7. Actual Bronco Costs to build???

    Starting a discussion on a different topic related to pricing. My thoughts: Invoice pricing on vehicles is something the automotive sales community have managed to make mainstream and has very little to do with actual production costs. I believe that my $28,500 bronco actually costs closer...
  8. Not ok! Dealer taking liberties with customer and charging for unnecessary "Accessory Package"

    worst case scenario you can purchase the vehicle as they have provided and as you are signing the paperwork, I'd wait till you finish, just tell them that you were sorry that this purchase didnt go exactly how you had hoped and you will simply share your experience on their dealer survey that...
  9. Cost of Vinyl Wrapping

    If you're willing to give it a go, I'm planning on Plastidipping my top white. I figure it'll be about $50 worth of cans. I love this stuff and have used it for years. Did my wheels white with it already. Just need to wait for spring to take on the task.
  10. Rust protection question

    any holes I've ever seen drilled are in the backside of the rockers that are completely sealed off and welded and or seam sealed. The only way in there is to drill a hole. And then going up the inner posts on the a and b pillars. One 2/3 up allowed them to treat every surface both in and out...
  11. Rust protection question

    I've never done it but you didn't waste your money. The oil film they use gets heated up and misted everywhere. Usually every surface and then they go inside the frame rails. Some companies even drill small holes to get behind bonded panels and then use a black cap to cover the whole making...
  12. RESOLVED! Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD
  13. Donation for lawsuit against unscrupulous dealer!

    I am thankfully someone who already received my Bronco, but I have the following thoughts regarding the above MSRP issue. As far as I'm concerned, all of the speculation about what legal recourse is available to someone who is being surprised with ADM is just that, speculation. Up until...
  14. Wrapped my Base MIC top in Gloss White

    I used your first vid with the tires to help me with sizing for mine, I'm considering the top color change and may try the wrap also so it's reversible. Question I have is what did you do for spare tire spacers on the gate? I kept mine stock and the tire is a little too wide and angles a...
  15. Lack of Commercials for Full Size Bronco a telling sign

    Demand is only through the roof for those in the know. Most of the general public at large more than likely thinks the bronco sport is in fact thee bronco, and that is mainly due to it's marketing efforts and tv ads. They are going to have to do the same thing for the bronco at some point to...
  16. Lack of Commercials for Full Size Bronco a telling sign

    I've noticed that there are virtually no commercials yet on TV or Social Media for the full size Bronco because the advertising department knows that there won't be any inventory for potential buyers. When do you think we will begin to see some sort of commercial spots or advertisements to the...
  17. Hello from Massachusetts

    I was told by Townsend Ford I was the first one to get a 2D from their dealership. I picked mine up the other week. Base 7 speed. Mine is not a daily so put away till the spring, but I have my eyes on the lookout every day and don't see anything on my little stretch of Rt. 2 in the morning
  18. 2-Door Manual 2.3 Review, Tire Upgrade and VB Stablemates

    Not at all. just make sure to put enough coats (4 or 5) and it will all peel off in one piece. too little and it pulls itself apart. If you look online you can find great bronze or silver metallic colors that look a lot more like traditional wheel colors. Local stores will only carry your...
  19. 2-Door Manual 2.3 Review, Tire Upgrade and VB Stablemates

    that's the type I was thinking. Seen a lot of those on rear wheel drive cars growing up.