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  1. Suggestions on DIY Self PPF

    I went with the Xpel pre cut wear and tear kit for: Door edge guards Door handle cups Rockers (lower section of doors) and a universal kit for door sills I’m installing sliders/steps that should help with rock chips. The rocker pieces from the wear and tear kit could be longer so may be worth...
  2. Surface Rust Found on Frame (Front Jack Points)

    I had rust In the same area but worse. Wonder if it was from the train ride (tie downs?) as my dealer didn’t even seem to bother with PDI. Either way I lightly sanded and sprayed the whole undercarriage with PB Baster Surface Shield. It’s rated better than Fluid Film for longevity and you can...
  3. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Sounds like a good thing to me. Hopefully you get unloaded quickly.
  4. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    You had to wait that long for a soft top??
  5. Tire Pressure Issue: Maximum PSI on door frame sticker higher than tire's manufacturer specs

    My SAS came with 45 psi from the factory so 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    CSX will track all the way through.
  7. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Yes. Here are my final updates… Arrived Pearland, TX 12/15 6:00am Placed at customer location 12/18 10:32am Empty has been released by customer 12/19 8:39am ”Empty“ is when the rail car is unloaded. Then it’s a matter of waiting for a truck to take it to the dealership. Mine arrived at the...
  8. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    The wait in Pearland is the big unknown. Mine sat for 3 days before it was unloaded and arrived at the dealer a week after it arrived in Pearland. Good luck!
  9. UPDATED with before/after pics and video: Worried about rust on your Bronco? You should be. Here's why.

    I live in TX so road salt isn’t an issue for me but I’ll see sand, salt water, and mud with the occasional trip to snowy regions. So the first thing I did was undercoat everything with PB Blaster Surface Shield. It’s rated better than Fluid Film (check You Tube for reviews) and it’s a cheap and...
  10. Get it writing, or switch to a dealer who will.

    Take it from me, even a written offer means nothing to a shady dealer. AutoNation Gulf Freeway in Houston threatened to not sell me mine unless I paid more than the signed agreement we made when I ordered it.
  11. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    I posted my journey earlier in this thread. It was a straight shot after the stop at Alliance in Ft Worth.
  12. Anyone plan to apply ceramic coating to their Bronco?

    I just bought a bottle of the highly rated Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic spray-on coating for $15. Super easy to apply and lasts up to a year. I can verify it sheds water and snow like crazy. It doesn’t last as...
  13. HOW TO: MagSafe Wireless Charger Install in Factory Location - DIY

    Awesome write up! One of the first mods I plan on doing. I can confirm the factory wireless charger is worthless. Causes my iPhone to overheat and shutdown and doesn’t even charge the phone. Just keeps it at the current charge at best.
  14. How's the Bronco windshield holding up against rocks?

    First road trip today through CO and counted 3 rock hits but no chips (that I’ve found yet). It’s also a bug magnet. Highly recommend full glass coverage on the auto policy as I’m sure I’ll be replacing it at some point.
  15. 🤬 Naughty Bad Dealerships Hall of Shame ("Surprise ADM" List)

    Been waiting on this list. Please add AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway in Houston. They offered me an X Plan equivalent discount to move my day 1 reservation to them. I made sure to get that offer in writing and signed by management before placing the order in March. Just took delivery in December...
  16. How much over $MSRP did your dealer offer to buy your Bronco ?

    AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway Houston
  17. How much over $MSRP did your dealer offer to buy your Bronco ?

    My dealer just threatened not to sell my mine unless I paid more than we previously agreed to in a signed pricing agreement 🤷🏼‍♂️
  18. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Congrats! Glad you found an honest dealer too. That’s more rare than the Bronco. Mine offered X plan in writing to get me to switch to them and then come delivery threatened to sell mine to someone else if I didn’t pay MSRP 😂
  19. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    I think the moral of this story is dealers are scum and not to be trusted. I had a written and signed price agreement that AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway (Houston) refused to honor. They even threatened to refuse my business and not sell me my Bronco. They offered me a discount to switch my...