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  1. Bronco phrases you've come to hate?

    Another delay? Well that’s just more time to save up extra for my down payment.
  2. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    It does get dramatically shorter, I’m 68 on the list but it looks like there are only 10 ahead of me that are not 2dr, BL, or WT. I can hope, but I’m definitely working on figuring out what spec wrangler I would order, not sure if I can wait for this thing through another summer.
  3. 2-Door Manual 2.3 Review, Tire Upgrade and VB Stablemates

    Great write up, thank you. If my bronco was going to be only for me this would be my build, VB is my color and I love the simplicity of the base. That TL1000R is fantastic bike, I had a ’97 TL1000S, probably my favorite out of all the street bikes I’ve owned, 2001 Buell M2 being a very close second.
  4. Outer Banks Bronco Thread

    I plan to paint the outer edge of the wheel black so it looks like the B&P render. I like this look better than the actual production wheel, that little edge being blacked out makes a big difference imo.
  5. Dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my permission, on hold with Ford customer care now! ?

    My original was 7/16 08:30ish, can’t remember exactly, my new one is 7/16 00:00, so I gained a few hours.
  6. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    I wonder if the speed of getting the time stamp switched has anything to do with the dealer that we’re switching away from. Do they have to do anything with the order to allow it to be moved or is Ford doing that without input from the original dealer. The one that I switched from was pretty...
  7. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Just switched to Chapman yesterday. I guess I’m one of those [email protected] flockers now, 😆. Tom and his team are awesome. I reached out to Tom @DealerInsider on Wednesday night about switching, I took his advice and made a new reservation before calling Ford. Thursday I called Ford, took about 10 minutes...
  8. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    @CARdiac there are hotels near rausch creek, I’m with you guys, I like to be comfortable too. I mentioned the camping because it was in the original post.
  9. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    @NayNay that’s the blue I want, but it’s not available to us peasants who can’t afford an FE ?
  10. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    I’m all in on VB. Went to look at a sport in cactus last weekend, they had a super duty in VB on the lot, looked great. I’d be all over lightning blue if it was available on the non FEs.
  11. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    I’m in batch 4 (and getting a 2 door) so most likely a ‘22 also, we’ll just have to wait to go on the Second Annual L-town Bronco Off-rodeo.
  12. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    We could do an L-townies off-rodeo. It’s a little bit of a ride from MD, (a lot closer than VT though) Rausch Creek off-road park in PA does guided rides on their trails and even has an off-road 101 class for those of us who are new to four wheeling. I believe they have some on site camping...
  13. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    @NayNay no need to prove anything to me, I believe you, that’s why I switched to Leonardtown. The wackos out on the forums made it sound like it was a Ford policy, not something that dealers were doing on their own. I know you want all of us to get the Bronco that we want.
  14. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    Awesome, thanks. Sorry to bother you with that, I should have known better than to listen to the garbage on the open forums.
  15. Harv83

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    Will we be able to change trim level when we finalize our orders? My wife talked me out of being a cheapskate, so I’m hoping to change from base to OBX. I was reading one of those dumpster fire “my dealer stole my reservation” threads and there are several on there who say once the reservation...
  16. Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    Me too, my local dealer had an F150 on the lot in VB, it looked so much better in person than the B&P computer generated images, I’m stoked for this color. There was a raptor parked next to it, wearing 315/70R17s, same size as squatch, made up my mind right then to go squatch.
  17. Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    I usually go for black or grey, but for the Bronco I’m going to try something different and get VB, 2 door base-squatch.
  18. Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    1. Owned by Fiat, you can tell people you have an Italian two door and let their imagination fill in the blanks 2. Never get bored driving on the highway as you try to stay in your lane with a vague disconnected feeling front end 3. Possible source of penicillin in the mold growing on your...