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  1. 2 For Sale in CT.... There may be more out there but these are two I just noticed.
  2. Bronco Shipped!

    I am happy to report my 4dr FE arrived at the dealer late last night! It was built (blend date) on 10/20 and was delivered on the 28th. 8 days from MI to CT. This weekend just got a whole lot better!
  3. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Well, according to the window sticker it was 10/18. However, that day came and went w/o any new info. However, I did get insight that the build started on the 19th and completed on the 20th. This was verified by the ECM/BCE data upload. Then, at 4am this morning, I received an email stating...
  4. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Finally !! Received an automated email from Ford at 4am stating the truck was built. I verified and the BCE / PCM is alive! Now, onto the next step of the waiting game... shipping.
  5. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    So, there is definitely a lag with their tracking sites. My window sticker stated my blend date was 10/18. Nothing changed. All of the sudden 10 minutes ago the public tracking site added 10/19 as the start of production. As we already know it takes several days to finish the build. I'm...
  6. My First Edition Bronco Finally Arrived....DAMAGED! 😤

    Good point. Also, is it a NEW F-150 Raptor? The MSRP on those is higher than that of a FE Bronco. Is it an even trade, or do they expect you to kick in cash?
  7. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I don't know if this helps, but the blend sequence number is 5813. 541/3291
  8. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Thanks, I have checked these resources but nothing has been updated. That's why I was wondering if my blend date (from the window sticker) is more of a place holder? I would have hoped the ECM / BCM data would be flowing by now if it was built on 10/18?
  9. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I check every hour or so. So far, zilch. :(
  10. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Question: According to my window sticker, my blend date was yesterday, 10/18. When should I expect to see updates to the different Ford tracking tools? Or, is the actual blend date more of a suggestion and it's now in the hands of the MAP gods? Thanks
  11. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Interesting. Today is my blend date. I wonder if I will get the email too?
  12. No Bronco Scheduling Upcoming Week (10/11)

    Yeah! I just refreshed the "Track My Order" page and my FE is finally "In Production". The window sticker link is still dead and the PCM / BCE modules haven't "come online" but this is certainly a step in the right direction. I was starting to get a little nervous since this is an FE and...
  13. What Did You Get(customer satisfaction cash)

    Can you please supply all of us with "ammunition" (documentation from Ford) supporting your statement? Then we each have a $1000 leg to stand on. Thanks!
  14. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling This Week (of 9/27) For REST OF MY21

    I don't know if this helps from a context perspective, but as of last week my 4dr FE is scheduled to be built on 10/8 according to my dealer. I do have a VIN assigned but no other insight. 🤷‍♂️ Are the FE's numbered? Wondering what my chassis number might be out of 7000?
  15. Installed amber Rigid rock lights from Ford accessories

    Rigid Rock Light User Guide. Very basic.
  16. Installed amber Rigid rock lights from Ford accessories

    The light pods are angled out, correct?
  17. What is the Ford OEM Soft Top?

    Hi all, So, my dealer (without my knowledge) changed my FE order with the dual top option to the single MIC hardtop. I'm not sure why but I recently received the scheduled build email and I don't want to upset the apple cart at this point. That said, the salesman said I could simply order the...
  18. Were you able to order your Bronco with the accessory (Rigid) lights?

    This was smart. I just learned that my FE 4dr will be built in late October. With that said, I asked about additional accessories, lead times, installation, etc. My dealer told me that all accessories will be sold at MSRP (in addition to the truck itself) and I will be charged an...
  19. 📬 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I just recieved my confirmation email too... Now, I can start to get excited. With that said, has anyone actually seen the Rigid LED Light bar once it has been installed?