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  1. How do I get production line photo of my Bronco?

    some get it 10 minutes after they purchase others it take a few days, weeks etc..but it's always after you take delivery, or they send you we missed your truck letter.
  2. How do I get production line photo of my Bronco?

    I received my FE in JUly and my picture came in September..
  3. Support for The Stig - B6G Call to Action

    Respect the STIG!
  4. To The B6G Community: Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  5. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    Wrongway Ford is a disgrace..we need to hit their F-150 and F-250,350 threads, that is their bread and butter...Broncos are not their lets junk punch them, till they get with the program.
  6. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    The thread title should have the dealership name in it to be more effective..
  7. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    I like the court of public opinion , it is way more effective than the legal system. Just hammer this will cost them 150k to make 20k...I like that battle way better. easy easy..
  8. Best Ford Dealership To Purchase From?

    Elder Ford Romeo/Andrew Vultaggio GSM...none better, this guy had the whole sales and service team training how to deliver a Bronco and how to service the customer of a Bronco. They are a different group than the explorer customer for instance and demand a different approach. Most Bronco owners...
  9. Dealership Markup. Loganville Ford Sucks!!! UPDATE: They made it right!!

    You will see the 3k in resale, that is a nice truck. The stealerships are out of hand. Ford has done ok in getting them to not be so greedy but once the vehicle leaves the plant, they own it. Unfortunate. This stealership is going to feel the full weight of public opinion from the 6g crowd...
  10. RESOLVED! Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD

    The court of public opinion may be stronger than you think.
  11. $1K Bronco Customer Satisfaction is a SHAM!!

    I did not receive anything from my dealer but then again, I didn't expect anything. I love my Bronco.
  12. All-New Ford RANGER Revealed! New Bronco Competition From Within Ford

    I rather have a Bronco Ranger edition. This is unimpressive to me. There is no competition IMO. For some reason the ranger since they brought it back just has missed the mark with me. Happy for those who like it tho..
  13. AR | FIRST EDITION Badge VIN Project

  14. StreetSpeed717 takes Bronco to a Jeep only event

    you have two lockers on that, you just don't have sta bar disconnect..
  15. Jeep owners first impressions of the Bronco

    Meh, their channel is fun to watch, they mill a ton of wood. They seem like nice people who are just adding their two cents...don't be so harsh, watch their channel. You might be surprised.
  16. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    I received my unit in july and my pic in october.
  17. 2.7 Ecoboost engine details you should know

    I do..but i think there is longer term implications as well.