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  1. I think I'm out.....

    if you worrieda bout MPG at all the bronco (or Jeep) is not for you. These are purpose built vehicles with low gear (poor MPG), large tires (poor MPG), body on frame (so heavier and poor MPG). When buying a vehicle create a list of things you want that vehicle to do. Then buy the one that...
  2. Sasquatch - Will you upgrade the brakes?

    I was looking at Alcon brakes for my Raptor so I might look at it for Bronco too once I test them some:

    I had a bad experience with Fremont Ford back in 2013 and choose to never do business with them again. I ordered a 2014 Mustang in 2013 and when It came in they wanted to give me $5,000 less then KBB good value for trade-in. It was in excellent condition. When i said ok no trade they wanted a...
  4. Number of Days Waiting for Bronco Calculator

    Only 524 since reservations opened?
  5. DIY - ARB Twin Compressor Install using KR Off-Road Engine Bay Mount

    My question is about heat and effect on the compressor in this location? Is it too hot to use, attach hose etc. with this location? Does the engine bay heat from a long drive effect the compressor in a negative way? Looks like a very convenient location and install in the video. Thanks,
  6. If you could tell ford 5 things to improve the "next gen" factory bronco update. What would they be?

    To increase the payload capacity of the bronco. Both bronco and Jeep are half the pay load of the new defender and thus hard to legally equip any gear for overlanding.
  7. Badlands Build 37" | 3.5" 4WP Coilovers | Arms | Track Bar | RC Hidden Winch | Fender Deletes

    The hidden winch looks like best solution for folks with front camera and ACC, but how much front approach angle and clearance do you loose?
  8. Everglades Bronco Teaser Photos Reveal Square Fenders, Snorkel and Wheel Design

    Winch blocks forward camera still. Ford needs to relocate the camera to Bull bar like the bodyguard bumpers do. (or build it into the bull bar even) I'd rather have the ARB drawer with slide out top then this tuffy tail gate. I'd rather have a lighter color for desert when its 115+. So I'll...
  9. A week with the Bronco in the desert: Joshua Tree and Death Valley

    Awesome job making use of your bronco for it's intended purpose early in the ownership experience!!
  10. Comparison Test: 2021 Ford Bronco vs. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    More steel used in construction? Maybe future models will mix in more light weight materials to get weight down and GVWR up? The payload capacity seems to be a weak point for both Bronco and Wrangler. The Defender is double, but is too expensive and English which I've alread hit my limit on...
  11. 2.7 Adv 4x4 OBX 2 Door Build - Front LSD, HF Winch, RC Hidden Mount/Skid Plate - DUNDRTY

    The performance of my Raptor on some old logging roads where others got stuck really sold me on the bronco. I wanted something with similar capability but much smaller. One of the things I hated in my 2 door Jeep was that it like to bounce a little when starting have issues with traction. I...
  12. Colorado road trip

    Looks like you had fun, which is all that really matters!
  13. Bronco EV from the "Power Company Guy" Perspective

    And EV car for commuting or truck maybe but an off-road explorer really needs a way to add range in middle of woods etc. I think a plug in hybrid with 100 miles EV range would be better or an extended range EV like Chevy volt were its 100% electric but gas motor is basically just there to...
  14. BREAKING: Seperate Bronco Raptor Ordering System Reportedly Underway

    That seemed obvious when they decided to put the Ford grill on instead of the Bronco. Also they said all reservations had to be converted before the Bronco Raptor will be able to be ordered so I was never expecting to be able to convert. Since resale value is super high, if you want to do you...
  15. 2.7 Adv 4x4 OBX 2 Door Build - Front LSD, HF Winch, RC Hidden Mount/Skid Plate - DUNDRTY

    If you wheelin alot should get front locker too. I got tired of banging on my sway bar with a rubber mallet on my 3 jeeps so sway bar disconnect is #1 reason I going after a bronco instead of a diesel AEV Jeep that I planned. Other is I don't need a truck to get it to Moab. I can just drive...
  16. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    Just cause they asking doesn't mean they will get it. FE's are getting premium as they should. Rest should be much lower and will continue to fall as more supply is out.
  17. Jumping to the Front of the Line

    Maybe try to find a cheap temp vehicle and leave order as is? Sell the temp once bronco arrives?
  18. Jumping to the Front of the Line

    I've bought 3-4 first year models, but never as my only car. Need to have something to fall back on. In 1996 I got a new Camaro and they had a new catalytic converter that differed from previous models. The MTBE added to gas destroyed mine and dealer said it would be at least a year til I...