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  1. Skip2a

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Beautiful: congrats! I'm starting to loose hope and interest now. I see all kinds of folks on the forums getting non-reservation orders in a few weeks to months after their order and still nothing from Ford.
  2. what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    Sold my Tacoma and bought a 2020 Sahara to hold me over until MY? I have to admit it's fun to drive and I am loving the heated leather seats and steering wheel.
  3. If I placed an order today 12/25/21 when would it deliver?

    You’ll see the four door soft top by June or July. The 2 door hard tops seem to be trickling out. I’m hoping to see mine before the end of the summer so we can do our cancelled road trip from last year.
  4. Skip2a

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Merry Christmas all! It’s nice to hear that you received yours already: good luck with it and enjoy the ride! I’m out over 460 days on mine. I ordered a 2 door Black Diamond with all of the “constraints”. SaS, V6 and tow. I won’t settle for less than exactly what I want. I had to buy a used...
  5. [UPDATED W/MORE PICS] 5 Bronco Raptors Spotted in Lightning / Velocity Blue, Black, Eruption Green, Code Orange

    I wish they would give us Code Orange as a color choice to make up for all of the stupidity that reservation holders are having to deal with.
  6. Anyone else hate the silver beauty rings?

    I have been thinking of going A51 if I can find a powder that is close to it. I have been searching but haven't seen anyone with color matched ones yet. I hate the silver on there. As soon as I get mine the "chrome" pony and the rings need to be changed.
  7. Light Bar With Roof Rack?

    That looks great. Nice job!
  8. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    Is there a dedicated, detailed post on the wiring for the 4 pin connector or a video anywhere ? Is this really a constraint and worth dropping from my order? I find it difficult to believe this it truly holding up the production of a $50k vehicle.
  9. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    I thought that I read somewhere that there is a usable hot wire in the back but I can’t find that post. can anyone confirm this? On 2 or 4 door models? Thanks.
  10. Light Bar With Roof Rack?

    Does anyone have a hard top with a roof rack and light bar installed? I believe a pre-run wire from the auxiliary switches terminates in the roof near the front roof rack mount? How do you utilize this wire with the rack mounted? Can I mount a light bar on the front of the roof rack or is...
  11. Test driving before purchasing?

    I had driven a 4 door 2.3 in August and really enjoyed the experience. My local dealer has a 2 door, SaS mannequin that I was able to drive two weeks ago. It was incredible! I was worried about the handling on the SaS and the 2 door: I was not disappointed. The 2.7 is a very nice set up.
  12. N-Fab Steps Installed

    These are exactly what I am looking for; unfortunately only for the 4 door.
  13. Removing these 3 constraints / commodities will improve your Bronco order’s chances of getting scheduled - says Ford

    I just put one on my '20 Sahara. The hitch took about ten minutes and the harness took about an hour. The hardest part (time consuming actually) was running a wire up to the battery for power. I had to make sure to stay clear of the exhaust on the way up. I would assume the aftermarket Bronco...
  14. Has anyone had their dealer reach out to them?

    My dealer is Hoffman Ford in Harrisburg PA; my contact there is one of our forum members. I always get responses to my many emails, he reaches out whenever he needs to pass on information and has made the entire process easy for me. He just figured out a question I had for my updated '22 order...
  15. JcrOffroad’s bolt-on steel bumper parts! Hoops & more.

    The modular bumper on the BD was replaced with just a steel bumper. Will your aftermarket bumpers be competitive with the $595 Ford upgrade to the modular? I need a bull bar to protect her from suicidal deer.
  16. Saw my first Bronco in real life today…

    I saw a 2 door in the wild on Long Beach Island in NJ yesterday. It was a quick glance but she was beautiful. I’m hoping to see it again this morning.
  17. Test Drive

    Yes: Hoffman in Harrisburg.
  18. Test Drive

    We started our vacation on Friday and I thought it would be nice to test drive the vehicle we had hoped to be traveling in. I made an appointment with my dealer and spent about an hour trying it out. I ordered a 2 door BD SaS, V6 and this was a 4 door Badlands but I figured the front cabin and...
  19. When do the 2021s turn into 2022s?

    I believe the order banks for my22 were supposed to open mid to late September with the line switching from my21 to my22 in mid December. I’m not sure if I am correct or not but these dates are. In my head for some reason.