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  1. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 28 so far [Jan 19 update]

    I didn't know that about windsor. But I cam confirm that the tech actually had a small chunk of it. You could see the grains of sand/material. So maybe that was an isolated incident or something from early production. Truck has been great other than that, 212k miles on it when I parked it. I...
  2. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 28 so far [Jan 19 update]

    Well, unfortunately, this is something that will happen. First model year, long hours worked by supplier employee's, new job training etc etc. Couple all that with pandemic problems (logistics, employee retention, lock downs causing production shifting and delays). Story time. Years ago, my...
  3. 3rd Row Seating

    So, I just measured my wife's 2016 explorer third row, the seats are 39.5"-ish installed width. With some custom seat brackets. They would fit beautifully. Plus if you are handy enough, you could even maintain the folding capabilities. I'm only 5'10"ish but, I fit in the third row comfortably...
  4. 🙌🏼 Update: My 2021 Bronco is Delivered and Home!!

    Feel like taking a drive up to central michigan? 🤣🤣🤣 Wife is on the fence. But she's leaning towards getting one more and more. Feel like a hands on with one might just push her over the edge!
  5. 2021 Broncos vs Hell's Revenge

    Me, personally, I prefer two tracking in the woods. Couple little mud holes and some rocky-rough terrain, but nothing you couldn't bang a beater car over. I don't get a thrill from rock crawling. More about sight seeing for me. Load the kids and dog up, get my better 3/4's out of the house. Stop...
  6. Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares Spotted on Preproduction 2021 Broncos

    Baja style bubble fenders are all but guaranteed. With the body panels able to be removed by hardware only(no panel bond or welds). I would suspect it's already being figured out by an aftermarket supplier.
  7. Newer MIC top has slightly darker look

    I feel like somebody said a while ago, that texture goes a long way to change the perception of the color.... wait, that was me... hmmm.... also, yes, new moulds, or highly revised. New texture, typically, means acid etched. Although, i have seen tools wear of and lose texture, thats not until...
  8. I converted my order, wife got a Sport

    Its crazy, I live near a smaller town, and the next slightly bigger city, is about 20 miles away.... I have seen 4 of them already that are apparently local. From what I understand, people are loving them. Drive great, feel great on the inside, etc. etc. I might have to go check one out. We...
  9. Damn 35s are big

    Kinda laughing at the people it here talking trash about trucks not being used to their full abilities... Then realize I dont use my bed nearly as much as I use my trailer. Damn short bed trucks....
  10. Damn 35s are big

    If you look at my profile picture, those are 285/75/16's otherwise known as a metric 33 (32.8) on the truck they look perfect(almost small) off the truck they look huge. Now, the new F150 4x4 comes standard with 30-33 inch tires. 33's is nothing to have now. Hell, my wife's explorer has 30 inch...
  11. Spy Video: Bronco Warthog Sights & Sounds!

    Lol typically tend to be released by other engineers following. Very rarely do they take a vehicle out without support. Hate to be stuck on the side of the road with a prototype vehicle and making the company look bad.
  12. Wheel Offset and Backspace | How do they relate?

    Look up the bolt pattern for 97-03 f150, or the 97-98 f250 7700.... Ford has a history of being difficult lol.
  13. Spied: Bronco Warthog With Live Valve Shocks & 37" Tires

    Everything on that axle is more beefy.
  14. Tow package hitch and plugs pics (2021 Bronco)

    Oh, I know why. But it still just seems so horribly low.
  15. Tow package hitch and plugs pics (2021 Bronco)

    Still don't understand why they couldn't increase the towing to more than the explorer
  16. Ford Broncos serve as pace cars in Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade

    I dont think you realize how bad that city has gotten. I wont go there anymore, and its only a 2 hour drive for me lol. Before I get flamed, I'm just picking. Some parts of the city look abandoned, other parts are beautiful.
  17. Ford Bronco R Finishes 2020 Baja 1000

    Behind race built trucks and buggies that can clear 40ft jumps and the driver won't spill his drink, utvs and dirt bikes that can cruise at 70 across rough terrain.... Yea. 70th, not bad, not bad at all lol
  18. Manual Bronco rock crawling by Vaughn Gittin Jr

    The off road space, people getting more in touch with nature is gaining ground again. Much like it did years ago. Young people everywhere are realizing the big city movement of the 80's is not nearly as awe inspiring as getting to the great outdoors. Whether its hiking, biking, or off roading...
  19. Manual Bronco rock crawling by Vaughn Gittin Jr

    I think they did their homework on this one. They learned a lot since jumping whole hog in IFS in the 90's. I know my 97 f150 has been abused a lot. The only real issue it had in the front was plowing snow with a 30mm offset wheel tends to wear out ball joints. Cv's were original at around 120k...