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  1. Dirt Mountain Hardtop Delivered With Original Defective Part!!!

    My FE built 9-28 is very similar, I'm not convinced I received a 2.0 either.
  2. What’s in your garage???

    Projects for years along with a few drivers.
  3. Roof Rattle on my MIC 2.0 top. Anyone else?

    I spent some time this last weekend and after a few days of a 35 mi round trip commute it is still quiet. What I did was put heat shrink on all the removable panels alignment pins. I also put a thin coat of silicone paste/dielectric grease on all the rubber bumpers on said panels and the...
  4. Sasquatch - Will you upgrade the brakes?

    I have 3000 miles on mine with no complaints. I am actually surprised how good they are. I have not towed anything with it yet so I have no input there.
  5. Rear cupholder armrest option that works (from a Mustang!)

    For those that didn't get the factory leather you're not missing out when it comes to the back seat cup holders. They are pretty much useless because they are small and shallow. If you're not holding on to your drink it'll come flying out on corners or stops unless it's the perfect size and can...
  6. Roof Rattle on my MIC 2.0 top. Anyone else?

    I have the 2.0 and have noticed a few issues that sound familiar to others. Built 9/28. 1) It sounds like something is loose in the drivers A pillar but after repositioning the driver roof section it goes away for awhile. 2) When leaving the Off Rodeo in Vegas there is a section of dirt road...
  7. AR | FIRST EDITION Badge VIN Project

    I would be interested.
  8. LIGHTNING BLUE Bronco Club

    Bronco Depot emblems and Zone level kit. I almost have 500 miles on it and it's amazing, I love it!
  9. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Mine came with it. Built 9/28
  10. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    ''Hey Grampa can I come in?" Picked it up last Thursday! 10-21-21 (shipped 9-30), MSRP.
  11. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    My FE was delivered yesterday afternoon or overnight sometime. Hopefully I'll be picking it up today or tomorrow!
  12. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Congratulations! Hopefully my FE was on the same train and trucking to Fresno as it was built 9-28, shipped 9-30. My salesman says he doesn't have access to railcar info so I have no clue.
  13. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Shipped email came in at 1:51 this morning for my FE. 9/27 blend, 9/28 built, build # 180/420. Estimated delivery date is 10/24 to CA, but it also says 21 days. Hopefully that includes weekends and it's here the 21st.
  14. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Email came in at 12:49 am. #180/420, 9/27 blend. Delivery may be exactly 21 months after reservation.
  15. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    I got my FE window sticker this weekend for 9-27 build week.
  16. 📬 8/19 Scheduling Email Received Group

    I did not expect to get this today! Ordered 1/19/21.
  17. First Edition Black Leather + White Stitching Revealed

    You can use your FE reservation to order one now, but they're late availability. I ordered my FE with black interior and shadow black hard top 1-20-21. I'm willing to wait longer to get what I really want.