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  1. 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3L Catch Can Kit

    All I can say is thanks for getting this out quick. I already have 8k on my build and am already worried about long term build up. Tango Yankee @Mishimoto
  2. Texas 4WP front bumper

    Interested… I’ll be in OKC in March to April for a possible pickup.
  3. ADV Fenders Install?

    I have not, but they come with a coat of white paint and do not match stock liners. So you should get outta some prep costs with a local body shop for painting if you can get em painted without installing them. The fender liners you have to call ADV to get right now, but they'll pop up on the...
  4. Black Diamond Steelies for Sale & Let's Swap Flares

    Give you $500 for the rims, I have a badlands and don’t need the tires
  5. Modular bumper center openings?

    i just wanted to say good job asking good questions. A habit many new owners should have before crafting their ideal rigs. I wish I asked more questions about my 3rd Gen Cummins 2500 before modding it, but i’m a bronco owner now and I’ve learned better. Be careful with the “first to market”...
  6. Colorado WTB: Front steel bash plate

    Gotcha. Hopefully I know what I'm going to do by the end of January.
  7. Colorado WTB: Front steel bash plate

    Is this an immediate kind of thing? I might be willing to part ways with mine in the near future.
  8. Ultimate Badlands Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    My fam loves ridin in the Bronco!
  9. Method 701, 703, or 704

    705s… with +35 offset. Lightest trail series with highest available offset. Unless you are running 37s or 35x12s or wider, they would work great.
  10. Panoramic Hard Top for Bronco

    I agree that there seems to be fitment issues, but hopefully this is a prototype. I think this is great for the PNW or anywhere that doesn’t see the triple digit heat I get in Vegas.
  11. Panoramic Hard Top for Bronco

    Looks like another aftermarket option for a hard top might be on its way from $2,500 installed base price according to instagram…
  12. Best Value Bronco?

    Best value is the one that makes you the happiest. They all have excellent resale value. Smiles per gallon buddy.
  13. Washington WTB Modular Bumper

    Maybe, need to check fitment of new fenders first.
  14. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    I’ve done my part. This practice needs to end. Dealers waiting a year to have your order filled and then selling above MSRP is ridiculous. You should have to sign a purchase agreement to agree to pay above MSRP at the time of order fulfillment or Ford should protect MSRP if you find out at...
  15. Bronco Rut....

    Usually the line you take with trail turn is not the same line you would have without it. So I guess the first guy to use it has a clean trail and it gets rutted for everyone after. Being a manual trans without that option, I’m not really affected by people who use it responsibly on hairpins...
  16. Soon you can be like everyone else! RTR Grille

    I called them yesterday and that’s what they said 😅
  17. Dash Cam Wiring - help needed

    I only have on constant, what fuses are you using for constant and aux/acc?
  18. Dash Cam Wiring - help needed

    Don’t remember, just kinda pried around. For the roll bar, I disassembled by taking the bolt out. Pretty sure I just pried around the a pillar though.
  19. Soon you can be like everyone else! RTR Grille

    The center bar with RTR written on it will be removable and can have Bronco lettering or a Light bar. My grill took a hit on the highway so I’m saving money by having the insurance company pay me direct for a grill replacement which will be the RTR. Hoping for light bar and front cam but not...
  20. Dash Cam Wiring - help needed

    soft top so no… I hid it under the plastic trim at the windshield. Tucked pretty easily between the trim and windshield with a small trim removal tool.