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  1. Used Bronco Market

    I hadn’t even heard of vroom. I’ll check it out. Thanks!
  2. Used Bronco Market

    Sorry. I forget about the unnecessary myriad of trim levels that I can’t keep track of. Badlands. Not lux. Not Sasquatch. Soft top manual transmission. Has the marine vinyl seats. 4 door. Not sure what else to specify.
  3. Used Bronco Market

    Oops sorry! Badlands. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts on this. Looking to get out of it as I don’t love it like I thought. Someone else will, I’m sure.
  4. Used Bronco Market

    Greetings everyone. I know we see a lot of high market driven prices, dealer markups, but what would you expect to see in a private sale of say a 2021 Area 51 soft top 4 door non SAS 2.3 MT with 4,242 miles on it? Most of the vehicles I see for sale are on brand new ones. I don’t see too many...
  5. Is This Right? Suspension looks like it's not tightened down from the factory

    It just needs tightened. The bushing partly extrudes through the bottom and is present in the loose bolt pic. Look at my previous pic where you can see that rubber piece and a tiny gap.He has that.
  6. Is This Right? Suspension looks like it's not tightened down from the factory

    Looks like a body mount. If it is, just tighten it and be done with it. Check the others while you are at it. Having it towed to the dealer to fix and document it is absurd.
  7. Driver's Side Rear Window Auto Open Intermittent Failure

    This doesn’t surprise me. Ford should have used a typical window frame like in most trucks. If I go over railroad tracks with any of my windows half down they rattle to hell and the passenger front will roll up or down automatically. I do know that when I shut the passenger front door with the...
  8. Nice weld!

    Man. That raw unpainted pic is definitely a weld. I’m convinced the OP pic is not. Look at the hole to the left on the OP pic. Has more seam sealer in there. Although I see a spot of slag. Hmmm. A mystery. Regardless, I wouldn’t worry about.
  9. Nice weld!

    Want to talk about awesome quality? Here’s the pinch “weld” seam on my truck under the snap cover right as you get out. Seam sealer is usually hard as a rock. This stuff crumbles like half dried clay.
  10. Nice weld!

    So does Polaris. I’m all for bolts! Bolts and knobs are a dying trend.
  11. Nice weld!

    Yup. Good pic. Odd that people would think that their entire roll bar was put together with only a couple inch long weld. It’s just seam sealed panel overlap. Anyone that would make a structural roll bar would never join 2 pieces in that location.
  12. Nice weld!

    It’s welded underneath in a different spot. The part you see is the sheet metal overlap from the piece going forward. This is not structural. It’s also seam sealer that looks like it had a bubble in it and popped before drying. Ford uses as little amount of welding as possible any more.
  13. 4WP coilovers - feedback / review?

    Good info. Walker as in Walker Evans?
  14. BDS 3"-4.5" DSC Coilover Systems (Shipping Dec. 2021) for 2021+ Bronco

    I just talked to BDS. This is a 3-4.5 inch kit. I was hoping you could lift lower as well. Like 1.5. Not doing 3 inches with a non diff drop kit. BDS makes great stuff though, great service too!
  15. Would you sell your Bronco for $85,000?

    No buyers yet. I have 5,000 miles on it and I think people want them brand spanking new.
  16. Would you sell your Bronco for $85,000?

    Id sell mine right now for what I paid for it.
  17. Rear defrost popped off the window first time I used it

    Sink a drywall screw into it. Problem solved.
  18. 2 door FE: 16” fifteen52 analog wheels, 35's, swapped non-sasquatch fender flares

    16s are the way to go. Look at all that delicious sidewall action. Rolling on 22s? Hell no. I got 16s baby.
  19. Recovery strap sale at Home Depot

    Maybe not so much arguing but debating semantics. We always just have a few straps between everyone. Some old some new, some crappy, some decent. Use one, if it breaks, try someone else. Where theres a will there is a way.
  20. Recovery strap sale at Home Depot

    I love forums. People are going to argue about anything. Nothing is even worth buying unless you get a 33 foot 771 Ton Samson Panther Recovery Sling. They are only $9,600. Small price to pay for being prepared.