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  1. "Ford Canopy" theft / vandal deterrent technology coming in 2023

    "Ackchyually".... sure they'll use your video to follow some leads () Dash cams are 100% worth it, but that's mostly defensive (ie proves that you were stopped when they ran into you). This is more like a doorbell cam, which is largely worthless. Doorbell cams as a crime fighting aid are...
  2. Driving without beauty rings installed? Torx size?

    Well without the beauty rings your wheels won't have any beauty, your whole Bronco won't have any beauty, you yourself may no longer have any beauty. Are you ok being beauty free? It's like asking your friends if you are ugly. Don't risk it, you don't want to find out the real answer. (They...
  3. "Ford Canopy" theft / vandal deterrent technology coming in 2023

    It's going to be like doorbell cams. Thieves DGAF and all you're left with is impotent rage and a video of someone taking your stuff that the police don't care about.
  4. Gangstead

    North Texas Bronco Club

    @Pokey my Bronco was built 7/14, received 8/4 and I got my picture 10/18. Who knows how these things work.
  5. My 2021 Badlands: 3" lift, fender delete, 37" Mickey Thompson MT, 17" Panzer wheels

    Is it the spacer lift kit? Did it come with UCAs? Does 4WP do alignments after they install a lift? Do you get any rubbing, specifically at full steering lock on the socket where the rear crash bar used to be on the inside side of the turn? Any rub when turning on bumps? I'm asking because I...
  6. Stirrup prototype (side step)

    How much drop do these provide? They look like they aren't that much lower than the door frame. I'm asking because I just finished a 3" lift on my BD and put a set of 37's on. Now the floor is about chin level for my 3 year old so I'm in the market for a step with a lot of drop that I can...
  7. AR | STIRRUP® OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    Send it! Also is the 2" drop bracket something I have to order? Post #1 sounds like it's a selection I have to make at order time, but the AR website makes it sound like the bracket does "standard" or 2" drop depending on how you install it. Also can you post some renders (or better yet...
  8. Gangstead

    North Texas Bronco Club

    Wrenching in Garland if anyone wants to come practice on my Bronco send a DM. Probably be out here until 5 or 6. Installing new coil overs and upper control arms. So far I have ave one side out
  9. UCA upgrade and camber adjustment?

    You're right! Found a video explaining LCA camber/caster adjustment with the eccentric washers: I noticed those when putting the first lift in, but didn't realize that's what they're for. I had loosened them on the driver side to get the old shock out. No wonder the camber was so far off...
  10. UCA upgrade and camber adjustment?

    You're right the camber must be adjustable some how because I got it aligned at the dealer after putting in the 2" spacer lift (which I'm preparing to replace with 4WP coilovers and the above pictured UCAs). It was pretty bad after installing the spacers and the dealer fixed it all up...
  11. UCA upgrade and camber adjustment?

    Just got a pair of billet UCAs from RPG Offroad. They came unassembled and no instructions so I wanted to get some forum wisdom before I take the Bronco apart. 1. How is OEM camber adjustment made? There don't appear to be camber adjustment nuts anywhere. And the steel ones are one piece...
  12. Gangstead

    North Texas Bronco Club

    What is the top right picture?
  13. Rockslide Engineering Steps - GROUP BUY has started!

    I don't know if the group buy is still open but I just sent a DM for pricing.
  14. Badlands Build 37" | 3.5" 4WP Coilovers | Arms | Track Bar | RC Hidden Winch | Fender Deletes

    Are the 4wp coilovers the 2.5" VSRT? It looks like they come preset to 3" and can be adjusted up to 3.5". Did you have to do that for the 37"s to fit? Any rubbing? What size and offset are the wheels?
  15. Lightning Blue First Edition on 37's, 17" beadlock wheels, leveling kit

    As a point of comparison: I have a Black Diamond no Sasquatch and I attempted to put in some 17x9 -6 offset Method rims (vs your 17x9 and -12 offset) with some 37x12.50R17LT Renegade tires. I did the 2" Rough Country spacers so I think ride height is pretty similar to your Sasquatch + 1" level...
  16. Need headrest post measurements

    Front: Back:
  17. Sold! Sasquatch Coilovers Front & Rear For Sale

    Are you ever up in DFW area?
  18. 2021 Bronco on 40s eats rocks alive

    Side by side of my Black Diamond on a 2" lift with 37's to show how much fender has been trimmed. The wheel well liner also looks entirely removed so you can see the engine. Perfectly fine for a rock crawler but can't imagine how dirty it would get if you get around anything wet or just...
  19. Gangstead

    North Texas Bronco Club

    4WP has a hidden winch that goes below the bumper. Looks very hidden, but requires a bit of metal trimming to fit. I think it's compatible with all bumpers, by it I'm not certain.
  20. Gangstead

    North Texas Bronco Club

    I also did Bob Utter in Sherman. Worth the drive up 75. No ADM or unwanted dealer installs. No games. No pressure. I was in and out of the dealer in less than 30 minutes. Communication wise they aren't very proactive you have to reach out to them for an updated but they have no problem putting...