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  1. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 32 so far [Jan 21 update]

    For those of us out of the loop, what was your issue?
  2. UNBELIEVABLE!! [Ford Dealers Can Now Ban Customers From Reselling Vehicles]

    Same difference, from what I read they have increased intended production on them twice to something like 180,000. I may be wrong but that would mean 15k a month so even more than the broncos
  3. UNBELIEVABLE!! [Ford Dealers Can Now Ban Customers From Reselling Vehicles]

    They make like 20 gts a month. Good luck tracking 10,000 broncos a month
  4. Frustration with Ford Compounded by Ford [allocation numbers are now confidential]

    They are now silent because fords pimp hand is strong. They got out of line releasing info and ford is over it
  5. Frustration with Ford Compounded by Ford [allocation numbers are now confidential]

    What it amounts to if this is true is that the Levine guy and ford are tired of customers coming at them mad every time they release information to the dealerships. So they told the dealerships to keep ford info in house or get nothing. Less hassle. It’s essentially pimp slappin the out of line...
  6. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 32 so far [Jan 21 update]

    First off it would be unacceptable not inacceptable. 2nd you have no real data that states anything other than a few engine failures. You’re telling someone to show facts to disprove your opinion that you are stating like it’s a fact. You don’t know what the percentage of failure is or whether...
  7. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas is still allowing reviews and is going to hurt their business more than google since people actually shop for cars on there. Also, don’t use his story for the reason of your bad reviews. Make it your own and just call them a dishonest dealership that charges hidden fees and go somewhere...
  8. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    Lol t hat just keep putting up more negatives. They have to realize it’s not going away for them to cave
  9. Pic request: Shadow black / Mic color contrast

    Anyone have good pictures of shadow black color with mic top so I can see the color contrast. Wanting to see if I need to change my color
  10. Anyone purchased stock from dealer?

    When did you place your order? Did you have a reservation?
  11. Build date changes

    Are the multiple build date changes because of reserve date/ commodity availability or because they just can’t figure out how many they can build? To explain a little further, they send out emails based on commodities they have and can build like a month out, then before those dates play out...
  12. Ranger rims on Bronco

    So you can’t lift a vehicle or put bigger tires on it because it looks better? Can’t put a roll bar or kc lights on it unless you off-road? So shouldn’t wear gym shorts unless your going to the gym or tennis shoes unless your going to play tennis? Why do people care how people spend their money...
  13. Ranger rims on Bronco

    The fact that so many people on here roast non hardcore off-roading/rock crawling whateverness with the Broncos kill me. 95% of the people on here could do the same off-roading they will be doing in theirs in a Subaru wagon, myself included. I would hope the 5% that are doing the other could...
  14. Linking order to account???

    How do I get my order to show up on my acct? I got the ordered email but that’s it? I have the preview order sheet and signed purchase agreement. I’m late to the party and nowhere close to being built but just trying to figure out how to link them up.
  15. Tc customs selling bronco

    He did respond on eBay. It is his. He has a new one he is building.
  16. 900 Broncos produced a day starting next month?

    F Fair point. From what I’ve read though, I’m just the car manufacturing since this is a auto site, with the exception of Tesla, all new cars are requiring more and more chips. I would assume that goes for all electronics going forward. Might not be bad gamble. I even heard of people buying...
  17. Tc customs selling bronco

    Lol I got censored so I’ll bow out of the convo. Hurt his feels I guess