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  1. 2020-2021 Ford Bronco Four-Door Concept Rendering

    Well now that the Explorer has gone all round lozenge shape, lost any of the offroad cred it might have had, I say they could use a new Explorer altogether :) Ford should definitely offer a 2-door version, but they would be idiots not to offer a 4-door. Something like 80% of Wranglers sold are...
  2. The Bronco Historical Timeline

    Sorry :D It probably does deserve a mention in the bronco timeline though. :)
  3. 2020-2021 Ford Bronco Four-Door Concept Rendering

    Two different products for two different buyers. 4 Runner vs Sequoia. Someone who wants a Wrangler doesn't cross shop the Expedition. They just buy the Wrangler.
  4. Re: Removable Tops, ya' know, when you think about it....

    Only see a JK Wrangler without a top once in a blue moon. And I see dozens of them every day on my commute and parked in lots. Around here, only roofless Wranglers are old models, and even a lot of of those have hard tops. Soft top Jeeps are pretty rare on dealer lots since most buyers don't...
  5. Ford will have full line of factory Bronco accessories/mods

    Yeah they're going to milk this for all it's worth. If the buyer is going to blow thousands on accessories, Ford wants that profit too. Seems like half of the wranglers on the lot already have dealer-installed accessories loaded on.
  6. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Depending on final specs of 2018 Wrangler, it might be a nice rig. Hopefully we'll see it by November. Still, might be a good idea to skip the first model year, and by that point, the Bronco should be here. I'd rather own a Ford product over Mopar Fiat any day.
  7. The Bronco Historical Timeline

    Missing June 17, 1994 entry - LA Motor Show Rolling Display.
  8. 2020-2021 Ford Bronco Four-Door Concept Rendering

    Renders look great. Retro headlights are not a must for me, but they look good. I would take a tailgate mounted spare if it meant the truck came with a larger fuel tank or additional subtank, like the 150L capacity of the toyota prado, etc. Removable roof isn't important for me but a pano...