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  1. Not ok! Dealer taking liberties with customer and charging for unnecessary "Accessory Package"

    Yeah it's all over priced garbage to line their pockets, but that car alarm is a straight deal breaker. Nobody wants to deal with electrical issues in 3 years cause of an unactivated security system.
  2. Not ok! Dealer taking liberties with customer and charging for unnecessary "Accessory Package"

    If they've installed the alarm already, I'd walk. Those cheapo alarm systems always cause problems later on. Absoulte garbage.
  3. 2022 Bronco has rear sway bar

    This bar and the associated brackets.
  4. 2022 Bronco has rear sway bar

    So no increase over the 2021 it looks like. Be curious to find out if the shocks and springs are different. Maybe lighter springs and or valving. Rear bar added to regain stability lost from more compliment shocks.
  5. 2022 Bronco has rear sway bar

    No towing package and sasquatch is the offroad package. Where's this leave the Badlands? A sway bar will hurt articulation. Badlands get disconnecting front and rear now? Does your window sticker show something about the rear sway bar? What's your max weight on the door sticker?
  6. Much to do about Crashbars

    If you want the coolest/baddest Bronco in town, take them off. If you want the safest Bronco for your daughter's sake (completely reasonable seeing how people drive around here) then leave the crash bars in place and run reasonable tires. At the end of the day the Bronco isn't the safest...
  7. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    Any Wildtrak owners interested in testing it out? I have a model ready to go. Also, I now have a website. It's still a work in progress as I have more to add. But these kits are on there and ready to be ordered. Make sure to use code B6G to get the forum price and help me track where orders...
  8. Twin air compressor from an unusual source usually for computer parts... (ARB Clone?)

    Do you know if ARB has the compressors made in China? Or has the parts made there and shipped elsewhere? Shipping tooling there is a dangerous game.
  9. My Bronco got burglarized. [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    My conspiracy. Someone with a Bronco same color as yours was cheated on their tool kit from the dealership, and that little plastic piece had flown off. So, they got what was "taken from them" from you. Dealers leaving out toolkits and the like is common and those plastic pieces have been...
  10. Rear trac-bar shimmy?

    Some people are more sensitive to suspension than others, you're likely noticing the axle physically moving a bit left to right along the track bars axis. Im one of the sensitive people that can feel it. Most people won't ever feel that movement though. With that said, doesn't hurt to take it...
  11. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    The trailer hitch idea was @jedmisten. He used a hitch plug he already owned and attached my plate to it. I'm not currently selling a kit for the trailer hitch and don't have plans on doing so. The time and cost to make the part that fits into the trailer hitch doesn't make sense for me to...
  12. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    Shoot me a PM to order with your address and color choice (unless you want black). Thank you!
  13. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    12/27 product update. I'm taking orders for these again and will be releasing a Wildtrak kit soon. Any Wildtrak owners that want to test please shoot me a PM. I had a kit returned from USPS due to a "security concern." I couldn't get any reason what that would be but the employee at USPS...
  14. I plan to re-drill rear shock mount 2.5” higher, =more clearance and 2.5” lift.

    I'm not talking about effecting wheel travel. I'm asking if the bottom of the shock is moved up 2.5" relative to the axle, will that change how the rear suspension bottoms? Some shocks are designed to be the bottoming resistance, but typically you'll find bump stops. I would assume the Bronco...
  15. I plan to re-drill rear shock mount 2.5” higher, =more clearance and 2.5” lift.

    Will the shocks bottom out before the axle hits the bumps or are the bump stops built into the shocks on these? Keep in mind you'll be changing suspension behavior and likely won't like the outcome. Also you'll want to lift the front match. 2" should be easily achieved though.
  16. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    I'll be adding the Wildtrak sometime soon. Base and Black Diamond are possibilities but I don't believe the Big Bend and Outer Banks aren't worth doing with such large grill openings.
  17. JcrOffroad - Armor prototyping begins!

    Just an idea, my explorer has a rear bumper with dual swingouts and a built in toolbox. On a 2 door bronco, the extra storage from a toolbox bumper would be awesome. Can stuff a ton of crap in there so long as it can get dirty.
  18. Alternator location is a significant issue

    Water won't cause issues, it's the dirt and other crap in the water. Down low is not ideal, and offroading is hard on all equipment. Regardless, a water crossing shouldn't kill your alternator. Just leads to an earlier death, as it does to multiple parts.
  19. All-New Ford RANGER Revealed! New Bronco Competition From Within Ford

    2" wider making this the first generation ranger (and possibly "midsize") that can load sheet goods flat on the bed. The ranger is literally in F150 range now. How much bigger is the full size range going to get now?
  20. Ford Bronco Raptor Drops Camo For a Revealing Look… Likely to Get ~450 HP

    Factory body lift? Frame looks low relative to body.