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  1. Ford + Google = No Thank You. Ford Navigation to be Powered by Android Starting 2023

    I work in tech, my 2 cents is the devil is in the details. Before you get spun up, we need to know more about how it is being implemented. Apple Carplay and Android Auto require your phone in order to be activated. Google Cloud Platform is just a platform for hosting anything from code to...
  2. Area 51 (Sport) and Antimatter Blue (F150) in multiple sunlight angles. 7 other Bronco colors in direct sunlight.

    This is great!!! Thank you for the effort here, the white paper was a nice touch with the AMB and A51. Made my decision a whole lot harder.
  3. Price expectations?

    The tax amount is bush league, but let's chalk that up to Canada and not something Ford did. Also, Canadian dollar is 1 = .78 USD, so while I see you trying to pile on, really it is pretty in line with everything else we are seeing in the US. 75k CAD is about 58,500 USD.
  4. What do you do when you don't want 35's on a daily driver...(Speedo Gear Changes)

    From this thread where they asked a Ford Expert at the International Off-Road Expo, looks like you can get a 2" lift from B&P. I plan to do that on an OBX, and change out the tires. I don't need SAS either, and I think it will be a dog as a DD...
  5. Area 51 Outer Banks Bronco 2 Door Pics

    Thanks for posting these, I've been really wanting to see an A51 OBX without the Sasquatch. After reading all the other comments, I'm afraid to say I really like it, but... I REALLY LIKE IT!!! Don't @ me... ? *ducks for cover*
  6. Alabama

    Thanks, but I already moved my reservation. I am in sales and I should not have to beg someone to let me buy something from them. I made the call, I sent the email, I moved on. Not upset, just didn't want the hassle plus Two Rivers is closer to me.
  7. Alabama

    I bought my Ranger from Woody Anderson, but I emailed those jokers and called them, they never responded. Sometimes I think they don't want to sell vehicles...
  8. Alabama

    I emailed Matt around 10pm Friday night and he answered almost immediately confirming the pricing. I called Ford right when the phone banks opened this morning and switched my reservation. EVERY OTHER dealer I spoke with didn't want to give me the time of day or even discuss it with me. Matt...