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  1. Florida Roll Call

    I'd registered there before knowing about the Apopka Mullinax one. Since I'm buying there, I'm going on the 20th! I can not wait!!!
  2. Florida Roll Call

    🤔 ** if you were referring to the location for the event? Maybe you were just checking in as being from Winter Springs?😊
  3. Florida Roll Call

    But anyone not familiar with the area, Greenway Ford has an Orlando address, not Winter Springs. Us locals may know the difference, but anyone looking up the dealership from out of our area needs to know it's address is Orlando, not Winter Springs.😉
  4. Florida Roll Call

    Also at Greenway Ford in Orlando on 4/19 and Mullinax Apopka on 4/20! ❤️
  5. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    I know, right? I was kinda shocked too. But hey, I'll take it! Over the years, between my husband and I, we've purchased 7 vehicles from this particular dealership. I've had the same salesman for the past two cars and he is fabulous! Mullinax is a wonderful dealership here in Central...
  6. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    According to my salesman @ Mullinax Ford's Apopka, FL branch, I am number 13 of 91. I reserved on 7/24. My priority number is 19 according to my D.O.R.A. He told me I should be getting a 21 MY. My fingers and toes are crossed since I have ordered my new baby with the 2.7.
  7. What are you trading in to get your new Bronco?

    Exactly, lol He has come around though, I think he's secretly looking forward to the bronco. He at least entertains my constant ramblings about it.?
  8. Florida Roll Call

    I received a call from my salesman, Brian, at Mullinax Apopka. He advised me that they would not be requiring an additional deposit to place our order. (As of two weeks ago they were planning on “a small additional refundable fee” that would be applied to the purchase) He said they’ve decided...
  9. What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    Skin Cancer is no joke! Over the years I’ve learned early prevention and detection is key! The sins of our youth can take years to rear it’s ugly head. I had My first Mohs surgery in February for a squamous cell on my right cheek. Luckily for me, I work for the best Mohs surgeon in central...
  10. What are you trading in to get your new Bronco?

    My 2016 Mustang, it will be paid off by the time the Bronco gets delivered. Although starting all over with car payments is no fun, I know I’ll get more value for the trade or private sell if I get rid of it now. I love my Mustang! It was a mid-life crisis purchase. Ford got it right when...
  11. What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    I’m a nurse. I’ve worked in the field of dermatology for 21(+) years. Just a friendly reminder, for everyone planning to enjoy your ride with the tops off, make sure you’re applying your SPF??
  12. Florida Roll Call

    Mount Dora checking in. Will be purchasing at Mullinax- Apopka