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  1. 2022 Badlands 2 door race red delivered

    Congrats on the Bronco! I wouldn't mind seeing a list of things different from 2021 and 2022 model Broncos. Between this and the rear sway bar. I am curious how much is different.
  2. Bronco Rookie (Bronciana) Build: XPEL Stealth Cactus Gray

    Exact Tire and wheel package I was looking at once the stock set wears out. They aren't cheap, that is for sure!
  3. Metalcloak Introductory Giveaway - Undercloak Skid Plate System For 4-Door Bronco!

    I could definitely use a set for my trip to Moab in October! Been waiting for these to come out 😁
  4. Impressive rock crawling by stock Bronco Badlands Sasquatch @ Sand Hollow [Lite Brite]

    Now I am interested in the skid plates you have designed. Hope they are available soon!
  5. Metalcloak full skid plates system preview look

    Any update on when these will be available? These would be perfect for my trip to Moab when I go with the Pickens!
  6. killaz05

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    @madbaird I shall see you there then!
  7. killaz05

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    @madbaird It is on Facebook Not sure if he is on here
  8. Area 51 Bronco Badlands build

    Quick update to the Thread. At the local car show. I am waiting for someone to make some door storage hangers for the garage. I have nowhere to put the rear doors. Might just have to invest in the storage bags. Playing around at Ol' Florida on a work day clearing/running the trails for the...
  9. killaz05

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    Well, there isn't anything real challenging at Croom. Richloam is a lot of water which I am personally not too interested in unless I have someone around who can pull me out/go first to test it out. Ol' Florida is having an event on the 28th but that is probably too late for you. I haven't tried...
  10. killaz05

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    I know someone is planning something on the 9th in Inverness but the closest thing to Land O Lakes and Tampa is Citrus, Croom, Richloam and a little further is Ocala.
  11. The Bronco at -40F COLD WEATHER TEST 🥶

    I had to go check and you are right, it resets after each start cycle which I think is silly. Hopefully Ford updates this over the air for those in the cold regions.
  12. The Bronco at -40F COLD WEATHER TEST 🥶

    you can change the idle time in the vehicle settings. Can you start using the Ford app now that it is out of the sleep mode?
  13. T-Boned! Is it totaled? Too soon to tell... :(

    The damage looks minimal but won't know unless you look underneath. If the airbags didn't deploy, I would have just ridden around with the doors off. The good thing repair wise is that the fender is easily replaceable as well as the doors. The airbag system looks interesting to me because it is...
  14. Snow breaches inside of Bronco w/ soft top during blizzard claims owner

    The snow obviously didn't come in sideways based on how it is sitting in the bronco. Seems to me they left the top open
  15. 📸 2022 Bronco Everglades spied in DESERT SAND paint!

    I am going to bet it is the same suspension as any sasquatch bronco. I am curious as to what this model will offer. I notice the front camera is not there or at least not in its usual spot. I find the front camera extremely useful in tight situations and when climbing obstacles where all you see...
  16. DIY - ARB Twin Compressor Install using KR Off-Road Engine Bay Mount

    Well if someone sponsors it, the Pickens can install one on my badlands and make a video. ;) If you guys are going off-road somewhere, let me know! I will join!
  17. So many 2.7 problems its scary.

    7,000+ miles and no problem at all so far. Went easy on it for the first 1,000 miles, changed the oil with Amsoil at the 1,000 mile mark and changed the oil again at 5,000 miles. Will be changing oil every 5,000 miles. I would be heartbroken if the 2.7 died on me but I can't live my life...
  18. Finally Caved For Soft Top - Who Else?

    Kept my order the way it was except switched to a soft top. I am so glad I switched to a soft top, it is so easy to open and close. Helps that I live in Florida weather wise haha. Good luck on getting your bronco soon OP!!!
  19. Major soft top issue

    If it is minimal effort and your hand goes that far, I would pull the top back and try reseating it, making sure the middle is latched properly. If it is still easy, then you might have a case for Ford to replace it.