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  1. Mobile Ham Radio (FTM-400XDR) Install - DIY How-To / Writeup / Pics

    Makes sense from a noise aspect. I think the issue on the Raptor isn't the load itself, but what the system thinks the load should be and it's not. I'm not sure how a frame ground makes a difference though. Well let us know how it goes and enjoy!
  2. Mobile Ham Radio (FTM-400XDR) Install - DIY How-To / Writeup / Pics

    In the Raptor running the ground to the battery is not recommended as it causes issues within the battery system causing faults, etc. No issues on the Bronco doing that?
  3. Mobile Ham Radio (FTM-400XDR) Install - DIY How-To / Writeup / Pics

    Awesome! I did FTM-400XDR & Midland MTX-275 installs on my 2021 Raptor recently (documented here) and used the RAM components on the dual band, but installed in different locations. It's great to get ideas on threads like this, so thanks for sharing. Maybe one day I'll get my Bronco!
  4. Where to mount a gun safe? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    I'm not sure of the interior dimensions of the Bronco console, but I was able to fit a FAS1 compact handgun safe in my 2021 Raptor console. They are some of the best handgun safes in or out of a vehicle. Here is a link to their safes and some pics of the compact safe installed. FAS1 Handgun...
  5. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    Yeah, i think thats what makes the old Bronco look good with a white grill is that it is recessed. With this design it protrudes past the body lines / body color and doesn't look so good. Maybe on e the other grill designs would work better in white.
  6. Who's ready to tap out?

    I actually did. I still have the reservation, which I pushed off to MY22 based on the modular hardtop availability and the options I wanted made it iffy for a MY21 anyway. Once the news about the painted hardtop hit and about the same time I realized what the range on the 2 door will be once...
  7. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    I suppose something that should be considered is if the service clock has started and it is now considered used, they should CPO this vehicle for you considering you are paying MSRP.
  8. Water leaking from A-pillar airbag cover in heavy rain

    My Jeep Commander roof leaked and that was a permanent, non-modular hardtop!
  9. 6/25 Email & FAQ: Modular Hardtops Delayed Until 2023MY | Price Protection Extension | Free Hardtop Prep Kit

    The prototype of the P-51 Mustang (NA-73X) was produced in 102 days. You can't tell me Ford can't get additional suppliers to produce a modular hardtop out of a piece of medal by MY22 production start? Seriously?
  10. I proposed in my Bronco shirt today

  11. Having a great time with the ZR2 Bison

    Great video! Glad you are enjoying the ZR2!
  12. John Bronco Sells 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition! Previews in Yellowstone and Brittany Blue

    Beautiful! That's why I'm holding out for a '22... betting on the come! And imho, those flat-top flares make a huge positive difference. What I was hoping for from the get go.
  13. Heart Skipped A Beat

    I haven't seen the Race Red in person, but saw Rapid Red on a big Bronco last weekend at a dealer event and it was gorgeous. VB looked really good on the Bronco as well.
  14. Atlanta Car Show (Bronco on Display)

    I plan on being there Saturday!
  15. 4WP explains their 1" - 3" lift kit for the Bronco

    How do you all think this suspension will perform as compared to the factory SAS & HOSS suspensions, the aspect of lift aside?
  16. Official Factory PPF (paint protection film) accessory installation guide shows coverage areas

    Agree. And this is a crappy warranty at 3 years. Xpel and SunTek each have products with a 10 year warranty.
  17. Badlands Sasquatch Badge

    I'm sorry, but when I look at this badge all I see is female genitalia and now it's rendered even more anatomically correct. I'll stop there. Definitely will be removed from my Bronco.