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  1. 2 Door order holders

    7/15 reservation Base Mansquatch Velocity blue Nothing yet
  2. Anyone considering flipping their car?

    Cant flip something I don't have 😆
  3. Going 35's on 7MT Big Bend. Will I lose 6th gear?

    There are jeeps on the road with 35s/4.10/ manual transmission with no issues. Considering your gearing is 4.46. I wouldn't be worried.
  4. Sleeping in 2 Door Bronco

    I've seen people pull it off with 2 door jeeps. Since the 2 door bronco is longer and wider. It will make things easier for sure. For roof rack weight concerns. You could wait till aftermarket offers a body/frame mounted option.
  5. For the 2-door people that have either already received and/or scheduled their Bronco for delivery, what was your reservation date?

    Another 7/15/2020 reservation here with a 21 order bumped to 22 and placed/confirmed in October. I have noticed that all the 2 door 7/15 reservations here have been delayed. Makes me start to wonder.
  6. Bronco Flag is in next package from Ten10

    Yet another item I didn't receive
  7. Roof rack for back half of a 2dr

    They'll make one for the 4 door long before the 2 door
  8. 2.7 Sasquatch with manual , will that dream come true ?

    Manual with the v6 would of been nice. The only reason Ford offers the manual is because Jeep offers it. Otherwise this discussion wouldn't be happening. So, get the manual while you can.
  9. New Gift arrived (mini Broncos)

    Same here. Not a thing beyond the email
  10. LOD Offroad is in the house!

    For your sake do not make your products look like they came off a Jeep.
  11. Hammock swag gift thread

    Can't stay pumped about something. When I have nothing to remind me of it.
  12. Can anyone explain why only 2.3 is offered in the Mansquatch?

    Ford still had to do R&D with the manual on the bronco. If Ford would of made the manual strong enough to handle to 2.7 from jump. It wouldn't of cost that much more for Ford. Plus, majority if not all manual buyers (including me) would of paid for the 2.7 upgrade. I've never heard anyone wish...
  13. Have 2-door w/ MIC top ordered. Convert to soft top 4-door Bronco or 2-door Jeep?

    I believe you posted this in the wrong section.
  14. Ohhh, I've been a bad boy

    Nice job👍
  15. Have i made a huge error not getting the 4A mode?

    I wouldn't say it's a huge error. 4A is handy for the unseen. Because the computer can react faster than a human. Doesn't mean you won't get stuck or end up in a ditch though.
  16. Hammock swag gift thread

    I haven't received a thing. No hammock, no stickers, hats, shirts, etc and that includes not even getting a rock. Makes me wonder if I even ordered a bronco 😂
  17. DV8 & ADD front bumper photos on Broncos at Off-Road Expo

    These bumpers look like they were pulled from a jeep and slapped on a bronco. Specially the first one. Minimum effort for maximum profit doesn't impress me
  18. Jumping 2 door bronco. Best jumps online so far

    A two door bronco in action. I must be dreaming