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  1. Black Lugs & Wheel Locks

    will aftermarket lug nut Acorn seat work with OEM SAS wheels? I am replacing 4 wheels with aftermarket wheels. By my spare wheel is still the OEM SAS wheel. I am trying to avoid carrying multiple lug nuts. Can aftermarket lugnut used to hold OEM SAS wheel in case I need to spare wheel?
  2. SS5 CrossLink Lightbar Kits | 2021 Ford Bronco | Diode Dynamics

    do you recommend putting foam pad between the bracket and the plastic surface (to avoid sliding/rubbing?
  3. Auto rain sense wiper

    Do you know what is the base for intermittent speed? If it is base on time, it seems it is the same as constant but it is slower.
  4. Auto rain sense wiper

    What is the different between the 3 line toggles and the 3 arrow toggles? Is it just 6 different speed?
  5. Auto rain sense wiper

    Does bronco has automatic rain sense wiper? I tries with the 3 dash lines toggles and 3 full lines toggles, but it just trigger the wiper based on time period. Did I miss anything or the rain sensor is broken?
  6. Memory seat or setting on Ford Bronco

    Does Ford bronco has memory seat or setting?
  7. Washington SAS OEM wheels 17 inch beadlock for $1.2K

    SAS OEM wheels 17 inch beadlock Outerbank 5 wheels = 1.2K 4 wheels = 1K PM me!
  8. Do you need to upsize spare tire as well?

    It will be slightly smaller. E.g 34.5 inch vs 34.9 inch. Does it need to be at the back for that small difference? ( It will be harder to swap 2 tires ,if it happen on front tires)
  9. Do you need to upsize spare tire as well?

    I just looking for more aggressive look :) (Especially with negative offset)
  10. Do you need to upsize spare tire as well?

    I am thinking to upgrade my wheel to 20" tire with some negative offset. (e.g -24 or -12) But the tire should still be 35". Can I just up size 4 wheels and still keep my spare tire? In case of emergency, Can I still use my spare tire with different wheel size? Do I need to make sure that the...
  11. Wheel Offset and Backspace | How do they relate?

    I have Outer bank sasquatch package. But still want to upgrade to 20". What is the most negative offset that I can have without rubbing the OEM sasquatch fender / OEM lift kit? Will -12 or-24 negative offset possible? Does discount tire wheel selection making sure that there will be no rubbing...
  12. Washington Anyone interested with my Bronco Outerbank Sasquatch OEM wheels 35"

    It is the same as stock and I just use it for onroad for 40 miles.
  13. Max wheel weight and width that can fit OEM sasquatch spare tire holder

    I am planning to upsize my wheel to 20x10 with -24 offset. It will still be 35 inch tire. Will oem spare tire holder able to to hold this? I have sasquatch package. Just love negative offset looks.
  14. Where to sell Outerbank sasquatch wheels?

    I need to upgrade sasquatch wheel to 20 inch. Where is the good place to trade in my stock sasquatch wheel and get it install? Can Discount tires install this?
  15. Introducing the Diode Dynamics SS5! (The Worlds Brightest OFF-ROAD LED Pod)

    do I need rubber gasket underneath the bracket? If yes, how thick do you recommend? (1/4 or 1/8)?
  16. THE WAIT IS OVER...THE SS5 LED IS HERE | Diode Dynamics

    Does Yellow cover enough to be road legal in Washington? Or does it have to be black cover?
  17. Love This Accessory Mod: Trail Armor Rocker Panels

    How did you install the trail armor? Do you need to remove the side step tube first before installing the trail armor?
  18. SS5 CrossLink Lightbar Kits | 2021 Ford Bronco | Diode Dynamics

    I only notice only red cable to connect to aux switch (which is the main light). Which backlit wire should I connect to different aux switch cable?
  19. SS5 CrossLink Lightbar Kits | 2021 Ford Bronco | Diode Dynamics

    Can I buy Harness separately for SSC2? Which harness can I buy to wire 2 aux switch for siwthing backlit and light?