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  1. Nardo Gray wrap Bronco been done yet?

    Honestly, although it's darker, I would have been totally content with Leadfoot Grey as well, since that's already in Ford's color palate. That said, if we're going to jump over to other makes, Dodge's Destroyer Grey and Kia's Ceramic Silver are pretty solid as well. I've got my Area 51...
  2. Nardo Gray wrap Bronco been done yet?

    Love that color, Audi seriously nailed it on that one. I was initially leaning towards cactus grey because it looked like the closest one to Nardo, but it was just a bit too green for my tastes in person on the Ranger I saw it on.
  3. Am I the only one annoyed by interior storage?

    Yeah, I’m stuck with one, so I might as well use the space.
  4. Am I the only one annoyed by interior storage?

    Not sure if it’s a viable option for you, but I’ve got One of the front license plate mounted ez-passes and it’s great.
  5. Crutchfield - Outfit the Bronco now available

    I love Crutchfield, I've been buying A/V stuff from them for decades and in some cases you may pay a bit more, but it's worth it for the value that they have in their knowledge. My good buddy bought a stereo for his Mustang from somewhere else that had all sorts of issues with no recourse. He...
  6. JcrOffroad Fold down molle table has been released!

    @JcrOffroad do you know if this is compatible with the deluxe raised lid cargo area enclosure?
  7. Phone Call From Dealer

    If I'm not mistaken, the last 2 weeks of emails have been really iffy. There seem to have been a bunch of people who are showing with a production week on the ford website that were scheduled last week and this week who didn't get emails (I'm included in that list), so I don't know that the...
  8. Tailgate table word for the wise!

    Question for anyone who has one of these tailgate tables, can you put light-ish stuff on the Molle grid and still use the table and just have the stuff stay on the bottom of the table when you flip it down?
  9. “Market Adjustment” Seen in Dallas (on Twitter)

    You paid $40 for that? I got one at Costco for $14, sounds like you paid ADM.
  10. Recovery strap sale at Home Depot

    In a combination of my 2 favorite forums, I saw a deal at Home Depot on slickdeals. Figured I’d post it here in case anyone was interested.
  11. Best ON-ROAD Ride Quality? Outer Banks or Wildtrak?

    FWIW I’ve actually heard that the OBX rides rougher than the Sasquatch broncos. Totally anecdotally though as I can’t remember what thread, but I believe the standard OBX may have a stiffer suspension.
  12. Bronco Constraints Commodities - as of 10/27

    Ah crap....lux is actually lower than MIC
  13. A picture says a thousand words

    For any who aren't totally invested in this story yet, please go back and click the other link that @802Bronco put above....VERY excited to see this one finally getting built. Looking forward to the surprise reveal video @802Bronco
  14. Keyless Entry Keypad (Trick)

    For what it's worth (at least based on the 2022 B&P) the 22 one looks like it's paint matched on the exterior, so it's not quite as bad as it was last year.
  15. 1500+ miles and 1 month with the Bronco - owner review & experience

    I've got a paddleboard and racking it up with the soft top was one of my concerns, did you get wet at all on the ride back from the water? I feel like the board is never totally dry when I rack it up.
  16. Additional Dealer Markups - How much and dealer location - Post here

    Damn....I did get too excited...there's a salesperson over there that I really like that I'd love to give the business to.
  17. Additional Dealer Markups - How much and dealer location - Post here

    Apple is actually matching that deal????? like in writing?
  18. Additional Dealer Markups - How much and dealer location - Post here

    Ironically Koons of Baltimore said MSRP as well despite Koons Annapolis seeming to be the impetus behind this thread.
  19. Additional Dealer Markups - How much and dealer location - Post here

    That processing fee is really hard to get rid of even if it's not for a Bronco, the state limits it at the top, but I've had to pay the processing fee even when the price of the vehicle was like 4k under invoice.
  20. Why do they have to change the Wildtrak trim?

    For whatever it's worth, I don't know that hearing it from Levine makes me believe it more or less.