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  1. Dealership Canceled/Stole My Bronco Order 2 weeks from delivery

    Other google review replies from Lawley stated that the issues with the unsatisfied customer(yourself), have been resolved. And the other reviews not having a noted customer record are probably being petitioned to Google for deletion as "false" or "slanderous". I personally have not written a...
  2. Bronco Raptor Interior Spied With Paddle Shifters, Digital Analog-Style Tach & Upgraded Dash

    I guess not having a tach on certain motorcycles and nonperformance vehicles made me learn to shift by ear/feel. Gone are the days of knowing when to shift.
  3. Base Bronco with manual transmission issues

    Cold environment? Idk. When its <40° outside mine idles at 1200 until the oil temp reaches 80-100, then drops to 800rpm.
  4. 7MT Club

    Stock BL w/ 4.70:1 & 33s Never down shift to 1st gear, only use it from a dead stop. 1 - 2 shift is quick on the engine wind up 2 - 3 shift is 2x as long of a wind up. 3rd gead is where is has the leg room to start to pull, you really feel the torque at the top of the RPM range. 3 - 4 shift is...
  5. Amusement. Ecobeast badge

    I'm coming from a 4.6L F150, which has MAYBE 180hp, going down hill with a tail wind. My Dad's Taurus sedan of the same year was a missile by comparison.
  6. Amusement. Ecobeast badge

    I think @zombie & @Dirtyjed were referring to this one...
  7. Amusement. Ecobeast badge

    Just for shiggles & gits Its on Amazon if you were wondering.
  8. Define High package "Sound deadening"

    High package contains everything from the mid package as well.
  9. Define High package "Sound deadening"

    Can you cite the verbage? Me saying I am supposed to have it is one thing, proving it is another.
  10. Define High package "Sound deadening"

    So I am trying to find the specific wording as to why my High package didnt have a hood insulating mat. Everything I find says "Additional sound deadening" but no specification as to what that means. I ordered through MAS so the delivery dealer is kind of going "Aw that sucks, but you didnt buy...
  11. Cactus Jack from Bird Dog Overland

    I doubt it will be much to look at, but if you need some cheap heat retention, this is a viable option! Kudos @Bird Dog Overland for thinking of this! I have used Harbor Freight blankets to wrap my cacti in the freezing temps, tossing one of the quilted & one of the wool ones up there would make...
  12. Superstitions!

    When was this? I saw 5 Bronco 4drs over the 4 days going between Globe & the valley. Three light colors, one dark color, one orange. Majority were on the 101, 202, & 60.
  13. What kills mpg: Boost vs downshifting?

    Like I told Tyronne in Tuktoyatuk, "You have the wrong tool for the job" not a bad tool, just the wrong tool. It CAN work, just not as effectively for your intended purposes or needs. Tyronne needs a hard top for those brutal winters, you need an economy vehicle for MPGs. @ZackDanger repeated...
  14. Ultimate Badlands Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Only modification has been ceramic tint. 35 up front 15 in back.
  15. Chuck_Ruck

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    East bound Hwy 60 @ 9:20pm(Dec 30) 4dr Big Bend SAS, white or cactus grey(it was dark and my windows are tinted) rolled up along side my Blue 2dr Badlands. I saw you there and threw up a shaka but again, tinted windows at night. And I was trying to not lose my wife in traffic. You gunned it but...
  16. Dealership Volume Rankings?

    From my understanding, the allocations have been fairly equal across the board. Otherwise Granger would be at the top, and reservation holders wouldnt be so unhappy.
  17. I used to love jeep owners

    Peacocking, chest beating & brand loyalty. I was on the 202 in Phx, keeping up with the flow of traffic, cruise control on. A lifted Jeep with what looked like 35s or 37s in front of me was coming up, so i moved left to go around. As soon as I could see the drivers face in my rear view, I could...
  18. Alternate Keypad Location

    I have the key pad, but havent used it because the fob has a proximity sensor. As soon as I touch the handle, it unlocks. Is this part of the high package, or is it standard?
  19. Burning electrical smell coming from HVAC

    I thought I smelled it today too, but figured it might be the new car smell burning off the heater core.
  20. Large pizza fits

    I did this last Wednesday when I bought breakfast burros for my crew for our xmas breakfast before the long weekend.