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  1. What's everyone doing with their antenna?

    I put this antenna on my truck and it works good. Loses a little from the stock one but I listen to FM station daily and it is 52 miles away. I tried the craven and could not pick up the station at all. Rydonair 13”
  2. AR | SADDLEBAG Tailgate Modular Mount

    Curtis, I think you are going to have to build a new bumper with the tire hanger on it...then build out this plate w/ options! I think weight will be the limiting factor on the tailgate and to do anything else with it you have to get the tire relocated. Plus, I can't wait to see the bumper you...
  3. AR | BAM & TAP Billet Rail Accessories (BRAs): B.A.L.L.S./F.A.R.T/etc.

    Ugh Don't mention Ft Riley...first phase of OCS was there...seriously NOT FUN! Put me down for a 1" and the 20mm in Red.


    I did not receive an invite.
  5. Review & Pics: 2021 Bronco Cargo Area Security Drawer

    I don’t think I have seen Tuffy on here but I think they weld the nuts on then powder coat without plugging the holes.
  6. Has anyone figured out how to change the Bronco in the overhead camera view?

    99% sure No there is not a way...just so we are on the same page Forscan only turns on / off what Ford already has programmed in the module. The startup screen Raptor color change was a topic on the Raptor forum off and on forever and there was not a way every found except replacing the...
  7. Bone Stock Badlands does Poison Spider and Golden Spike, Moab UT (Level 7 Trails)

    I can't decide if I like the Bronco climbing obstacles better or the lady's outbursts on the video the best! I loved hearing her question, did any of your passengers have a fitbit, apple watch, etc? I kept wondering how may steps and stair case equivalents they did the whole...
  8. AR | FIRST EDITION Badge VIN Project

    Yes! Send it please...


  10. TRMFAM


    We are in Bartlesville, about 45 North of Tulsa but good to meet up somewhere for sure!
  11. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Yes it is Lux package...and you are right, I now see CA says puddle. looking at one of those where's Waldo books! Thank you for the smack to the head!
  12. TRMFAM


    @Chdyson OK, so as a test, I went into a thread today and typed a reply and then clicked to watch and email me then posted and about 5 mins later I received an email someone had made a post in that thread. So that works...I have not played with the overall site settings since day one turning...
  13. Factory Fog Light Switch

    I am clearly missing it but what is the difference between BA and CA? I have an FE and would like both front and rear fog switch...Pretty sure CA is what I need but the chart above I can't tell the difference. I think it would be great to add the backlight on the aftermarket lights to the rear...
  14. Trail Ready bead locks

    Love it man!
  15. ARCHETYPE RACING | RUTS - Ruggedized Utility Trail Sights

    Oh where is the interior grab handle? They are headed to production? I missed that somehow...
  16. Roof Rattle on my MIC 2.0 top. Anyone else?

    600 miles and not rattle but the wind noise is more than I expected...livable for what it is but more than expected vs the hard top Jeeps I have been in.
  17. ARCHETYPE RACING | RUTS - Ruggedized Utility Trail Sights

    Excited to see the concepts!
  18. TRMFAM


    I do not...I turned off all email alerts and have it just pop up on the site only...I usually on here at least once every 72 hours or so and work through them.
  19. Review & Pics: 2021 Bronco Cargo Area Security Drawer

    Looks great! Isn't the bottom front mount (toward the tailgate) just an eyesore? I mean, how could Tuffy not see that during design / fit and provide a plastic cover to fill that so crap does not get in? I drilled out the Lasso covers and plan to put them in this weekend...I saw someone else...
  20. TRMFAM


    Nice! Another OK based Bronco family! Awesome...would love to do a group outing if we can figure out a place...Jon, where did you get the ppf done? I am leaning that way myself...