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  1. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    I did not say that , lol, nor would I. That's definitely not who I am but have much respect for those with beliefs that strong.
  2. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    I would do anything in my power to help anyone. My situation dramatically changed after I posted on here. I don't who had the contacts and I don't blame them for not making that power public if that's what's fixed my problem. I created a Twitter just to try and get I'm front of Mike Levine and...
  3. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    If that's how you see , that's fair. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. That's what makes the forum a great place. Thanks for taking the time to read it, I appreciate the differing perspective.
  4. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    I guess the thing that bothers me most....and their are MANY , is that at any point over that year they coups have placed another order in my name . Explained the situation and it would have been fine. If you could all see the text messages and communication with the dealer that strung me along...
  5. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    I'll private message you
  6. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    I wish you were here , I'd buy your beers for the rest of your days , lol
  7. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    I have MANY financial documents , 48 printed pages of text messages with my Salesman from May 26 to the day the Bronco showed up , as well as all the emails from Ford that were sent to from their employees personal email where the reservation. All of this was sent to the dealer and anyone and...
  8. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    That's the lie they are going with , just sucks for anyone dealing with any crap like this whether it's my situation or ADM or just canceling orders for people. People has invested alot of time , sharing videos with their families, talking about it incessantly, planning just...
  9. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    They never said , I stupidly never asked
  10. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    I'd like the truck ...but I don't see how that happens without lawyers and probably spending more than it would be worth. I just don't have the means to fight the fight that should happen . What they did was wrong to my family and to Ford Motor Company and they will continue to prey on both...
  11. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    Another crazy part is the dealership helped me order after market accessories that I paid for up front that are sitting in their parts department waiting to be installed on a truck they won't sell me. Not to mention the thousands of dollars of accessories in my garage that I bought for my son's...
  12. Dealership Canceled/Stole My Bronco Order 2 weeks from delivery

    Take a look at my most recent post, but me and this guy should buy each other a beer ...because this sucks just as bad.
  13. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    ***I dont know what happened . I know I had alot of great people from this forum message me on here and also privately to get additional information. Not sure what happened but at almost 2100 last night the General Manager called me with a very different tone and asked me to come in this...
  14. 🛠 12/13/21 Build Week Group

    This is new , considering I'm only 3 hours from MAP, maybe today is the day , fingers crossed .
  15. 🛠 12/13/21 Build Week Group

    I feel your pain .....its stupid to think it gonna be damn near a month , possibly longer since built to delivery. I'm happy to see all these deliveries recently and fingers crossed the rest of us get the calls soon.
  16. 🛠 12/13/21 Build Week Group

    Me too love for Illinois I guess , I've been pushed so many times now , my EDD went from the 15th, to the 19th to the 22nd just over the last two days . I don't get it ....
  17. Hello from Botswana

    Thank you for your service . I hope you have your Bronco waiting for you when you get home. Stay safe.
  18. Twelve Sixers - The Lost Batch

    But the 12/13 build week was technically the "last batch" of 21's. And many of those builds are still missing in action as well. It's a mess for sure ....hoping for a quick resolution for all these lost Broncos .
  19. Custom Image Sill Guards NOW AVAILABLE!!!

    I couldn't get it to work from my phone either . Tried from my computer ...worked no issues . Maybe try that route ...